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Advice, 41 yo low AMH, 8 week miscarriage

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db76 Sat 29-Apr-17 14:18:51

Hi All, I'm new to this site and wanted some advice.
This is our 3rd attempt at IVF. i'm currently going through a miscarriage at 8 weeks. Had a good viability scan at 6w4d but at 8w there's no growth, enlarged sac and slow heartbeat of 75bpm. I have to go to EPU next week for a scan to check the heartbeat has stopped then have a dnc. We are pretty heartbroken.
Our story. I'm 41 with low AMH 0.5 FSH of 12.2. DH has good motility and count but poor morphology of 3%. First 2 rounds we only had 1 egg that didn't fertilise so no ET. This round we had 2 eggs, 1 survived ICSI and we had ET at day 3 with a top grade, 8 cell embie. So this is our first ever actual pregnancy! Which I'm taking as a good sign that at least I can get pregnant. We want to have 1 more go as we are running out of money and the emotional and physical stress of it all has taken it's toll. So here are my questions:
How long should we wait after miscarriage to start again?
What can we do to improve morphology if anything (husband is taking proxeed, low caffeine, exercising, being healthy, limited booze etc).
Besides DHEA, Coq10 ubiquinol 600mc, vitamin D, folate and Omega 3 is there anything else I can do to help quantity and egg quality?
Thank you x

Fishface199 Sun 30-Apr-17 11:01:27

Sorry about your loss.

They say a woman is more fertile upto 6 months after a miscarriage, so you may get advice to try sooner rather than later. This was the advice my friend got at a clinic after she miscarried at 17 weeks.

I think all your supplements are the main ones I have heard about too. My consultant was worried about DHEA as he said too many people buy it over the net with unknown concentrations which can lead to bad side effects (lots if hair loss and painful acne) but I know other clinics do recommend.

Chattycat78 Sun 30-Apr-17 12:25:45

I would try again immediately I think if if was me. The only reason they tell you to wait is in case of confusion over dates if you conceive again straight away.

Sorry to hear about the MC. It's tough.

You e covered the main egg supplements- ubiquinol is the best one I think.

Can you tell naturally as well as do ivf?

db76 Sun 30-Apr-17 13:39:55

I was wondering about DHEA, I wonder if I should get tested first? Not sure where to do this. Will do some research.

We will definitely try naturally too. Not sure about my husbands morphology and if that renders it pointless to try naturally but might as well. We haven't had sex in so long because of this (they told us not to until 12 weeks) so I'm literally dying inside. Dnc should be Wednesday so maybe a week after that and I'm back on the saddle (sorry if TMI).

Thank you both for your kind words. We were so excited to get pregnant for the first time, so massive bummer this has happened. We're really upset. xx

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