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IVF - so sick! Anyone else?

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Reiltin Sun 09-Apr-17 10:19:39

I have an almost 4yo through IUI and I'm trying again. I've had 4failed IUIs and one IVF cycle that had to be cancelled before transfer cos I reacted really badly to the egg collection and developed a really bad uti. I have 4 frozen embryos and am waiting to do a transfer .

Here's my question: I'm so unwell all the time and I think it's related to how my body is dealing with the drugs. I had no issues with the IUI drugs 4 years ago. But since I started again in august, I've had tonsillitis 4 times and many general colds/flus/etc. I almost never get sick so I think I'm really run down and that my body isn't dealing as well with the drugs. Has anyone else had this?

As an added extra, I'm very overweight which can't be helping. But I'm no heavier than I was on my first pregnancy.

Basically, I'm wondering if anyone else had this and if they found anything helped?

Usernamewithnodigits Sun 09-Apr-17 13:06:24

I hear you - it's rubbish isn't it?

I was so ill during treatment I had to resign from my work meaning loss of income and switching to MA rather than SMP sad Massive longterm knock-on effect.

In the end my clinic spoke to HFEA and the staff had meeting after meeting about me & agreed to - for the first time in their history- break rules and give me a drug-free cycle.

The difference was incredible as you can imagine. Is this an option in your case?

Reiltin Sun 09-Apr-17 21:32:23

Because I'll be using frozen embryos, my next cycle will be what they class as drug-free. There'll be a pill to increase my lining and the progesterone, but nothing stronger.

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