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recurrent mc progesterone advice

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Emma30713 Thu 23-Mar-17 16:29:16

Hi there I am currently going through my 4th mc since June 1st was 5w 2nd and 3rd where 9-10w and this was 5-6w, AV done lots of research and seen a lot of success stories of women taking 75mg of aspirin and progesterone after recurrent mc even if they had not been through tests or if they had and all came back ok, I was just wondering if anyone has knows of or has been through this and could share their stories with me x

Gingerbreadmam Thu 23-Mar-17 16:37:36

Hi Emma

I'm not a success story yet but in my most recent pregnancy took 75mg asprin and 200mg cyclogest (progesterone) three times a day.

I got to around 13 weeks and discovered at 14+2 babys heartbeat had stopped. They suspect it had pataus so it is highly likely it would have happened anyway. In fact i wonder if the pregnancy lasted so long due to the asprin and cyclogest.

I havent been seen by rmc but will be now as it is my 3rd loss (2 mmcs and a stillbirth). As far as i know if i do see them i could also be prescribed herparin injections (higher dose blood thinner) and higher dose progesterone.

Its hard to get progesterone prescribed, i had a supportive gp and had already been involved with feotal medicine from my sons stillbirth.

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