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Very upset with GP

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goldenglow90 Mon 13-Mar-17 18:30:15

I was diagnosed with PCOS in early December after an ultrasound and no periods. Was referred to the fertility clinic and had my first consultation today. I came away very upset. I was told that there was nothing they could do yet and I would have to book another appointment for 3 months time because the doctor should have ordered blood tests but didn't - she said that's why the appointment was a 3 month wait in the first place. I am so angry with my GP as the sonographer thought it odd that I hadn't had blood tests and when I asked my GP about it, he said it wasn't necessary because it was obvious I had PCOS so I've basically wasted 3 months - I cannot get pregnant naturally because I don't have periods on my own, I have to take norethisterone every few months to induce them. Has anyone else gone through something similar? I'd like to make a formal complaint about my GP but I don't know what this will achieve.

toffeepuddin Mon 13-Mar-17 23:52:55

Hi OP. I would definitely make a complaint, it might do much but it may be investigated. The GP should have definitely done bloods, there's nothing much more you can do. With the NHS with the way it is, this is the first of a long like of hiccups. Always ring and double check appointments to make sure they everything they need.

P1nkSparkles Tue 14-Mar-17 08:05:47

Hi op,

Really sorry to hear this, you must be v upset.

I would speak to the GP, but I think it's worth raising with the fertility team as well because it might be something they could adapt their practice at their end.

In our area once the GP makes a referral, you get a letter from the clinic which includes all the blood forms that you need and explicit instructions about when the blood tests need to be taken. Once you've had the blood tests done you can then phone and book an appointment.

Apparently this is because even when GP's order the tests, because they're not specialists they often miss stuff off which puts people back and leads to wasted appointments & this is our localities way of dealing with this issue.

Obviously that's not helpful to you now & I'm sorry that you've found yourself in this position flowers

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