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Trying to feel in charge of my fertility! Reflexology, lube & fertility foods!

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SharyBobbins Mon 27-Feb-17 13:30:19

Hi all,
I've been ttc for over two years now & I'm not far off being seen at an infertility clinic. I'm trying really hard to still feel in control of my fertility through various methods such as reflexology & "fertility friendly" foods. I'm also looking at using Conceive Plus (or there a difference?) this cycle. I'm just interested to know what others are doing to try retain a bit of control if that makes sense? Does anyone have any experience of reflexology or would recommend particular foods (or lubes wink) when ttc? I feel so out of control of my own body I just need to feel like I'm doing something to help myself!

DizzyMerry Tue 28-Feb-17 17:02:47

Shary We've been ttc#2 since 2.5 years. Ttc 3 years with our DD so I can understand what you're saying. I've only tried preseed when we were ttc DD but didn't find it helpful, although I had severe endometriosis so it couldn't have helped as my tubes were fused together. I've had reflexology but the lady didn't specialise in fertility so I stopped going. I'm due to see another lady on Saturday as fertility is her main area.

Good luck with your journey.

SharyBobbins Tue 28-Feb-17 19:22:44

Hi Dizzy,
Thank you for your response.
Do you mind letting me know how you get on with your new reflexologist? The one I have now doesn't specialise in fertility either so I'd be interested to know your thoughts after seeing your new one on the weekend.
Wishing you lots of luck X

DizzyMerry Tue 28-Feb-17 22:33:56

Thank you shary. Will let you know how it goes with the reflexologist.

Isthismummy Thu 02-Mar-17 08:02:54

I've been going for reflexology when I can afford it for about six months now. I'm not pregnant (starting ivf soon) but I do find it really helps me to relax and calms my mind. My reflexologist specialises in fertility and she's been my greatest cheerleader through all this shit. She struggled for two years to conceive her own dd, so she understands what the women who visit her are going through.

I think complementary therapies are great if you can afford them and they make you feel better. Don't worry too much if you can't though. It's hard science that will get you pregnant. Not someone twiddling your toessmile

With regards to other things. I take supplements, drink more filter water than I used to and try and eat nutritiously. I've also given up alcohol ( apart from the very odd glass here and there) I still eat more chocolate than is strictly good for me though. Infertility is stressful enough without giving up everything you love as well!

SharyBobbins Thu 02-Mar-17 21:47:27

Thanks Isthis, I've actually found a reflexologist who specialise in fertility now so I'm booked in with her in a few weeks. I'm just going to approach it with the mindset of it will hopefully get my body and mind in the right shape for any treatment I might need. Just a shame it's so bloody expensive!!

SaigonSaigon Thu 02-Mar-17 21:56:59

I'm in favour of reflexology as a relaxation device if nothing else. I started it last year after an mc when we were trying again. During my October session my reflexologist said she felt like my tubes and fertility areas were the best she'd seen/felt them (less blocked) and I happened to fall pregnant later that month. So maybe there is something in it. I did mc again but I am about to start it up again as I like doing something positive and that I can control.

SaigonSaigon Thu 02-Mar-17 22:06:02

I'm also only drinking bottled water (rather than our tap water which is very chlorine-y) and taking folic/Vit D as well as reducing caffeine as I drank so much regular tea. I was off alcohol but actually I am having a bit of alcohol now as abstaining feels like a total punishment and is the opposite of relaxing! But I'm only talking about a glass or so every now and again. My friend just keeps telling me to share a bottle of wine on my ovulation day with my hubby and go for it! I guess she's figuring the booze will aide relaxation! I guess she might know having recently had her 4th at age 43...

Bel007 Tue 14-Mar-17 15:53:50

Hi Saigon Saigon,
I'm doing lots of the same stuff as you like not drinking tap water & cutting back on caffeine! I think all the physical stuff is really important, but I've also found what really helps me stay on top of things is being in a good place mentally, as this journey can be a challenging one. There's a book I'd highly recommend, which has helped me so much. It's called 'The Fertile Female' & is by an American lady called Julia Indichova, who conceived her second child well into her 40s, having been told by the doctors it'd be impossible. She covers stuff like food, but also the whole mental/emotional aspect of this journey & it includes things like beautiful imagery exercises & I just found it extraordinarily helpful.
Best of luck with your journey.
Bel x

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