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Ovarian scarring and adhesions as a cause of infertility?

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NoImBridgetJones Thu 23-Feb-17 08:47:43

Relatively new on this board having migrated from Conception following referral to a fertility clinic in December. TTC 1, me and DH both 29. Never even had a hint of a BFP so far...

Anyway, I was wondering if anybody had any experience or clear diagnosis of a scarred ovary with adhesions having been a cause of both chronic pelvic pain and infertility?

Currently recovering from a laparoscopy yesterday after an internal ultrasound suggested possible hydrosalpinx on my left tube. I'd been counselled for its removal so had been fully expecting to wake up at least one tube down and with a diagnosis of endometriosis - hydro as cause of infertility, endo as cause of horrific, delirious pain. Upshot of surgery is that I have neither.

I'm obviously thrilled and so thankful to have had such an excellent outcome. We've been advised to try naturally until June at which point we'll revisit IVF as a next step due to me also having low AMH and poor no. of follicles. Excellent result and very good news.

I can't deny that I'm a little... deflated? that the cause of my issues wasn't explicitly stated. Consultant (who is amazing btw, so lucky to have her) told me about the scarring and adhesions but didn't explicitly tie it in as cause... Instead she said I've maybe just been unlucky... It's only after putting Ovarian Adhesion Symptoms into Google that it looks like a possible cause.

I struggled with the anaesthetic yesterday and wasn't thinking quickly enough to ask new questions (I'd written down questions related to losing a tube in preparation) and won't now see her until June.

I'm being daft aren't I. I should just be grateful for the good news. I'm just afraid of the uncertainty now. Tube blocked made sense... "unlucky" is less clear cut. If it wasn't the adhesions causing the issues then I feel like I'm back to the old "relax and it'll happen" "stress" etc placing the cause firmly back with me sad

NoImBridgetJones Thu 23-Feb-17 09:13:07

If it wasn't clear, the consultant found and removed scarring and adhesions from my right ovary. I apologied of I'd wasted their time (seeing as no hydro or endo) and they did say that the adhesions were there and removed so worth doing the op. But they didn't say that the scarring or adhesions were the cause of infertility and pain. Only 'cause' hinted at was me being unlucky. Just wondering if anyone else has had adhesions highlighted as the cause. Sorry for rambling. I'm still dopey and struggling a little from the op yesterday. Thanks in advance though blush

bananafish81 Thu 23-Feb-17 21:00:58

Adhesions can cause issues if they affect your endometrium. What's your lining thickness like?

Milliemillie Sat 25-Feb-17 23:26:35

I had my left ovary & tube removed 19 years ago as I had a large cyst. I've been TTC for 18 years with not a sniff of a bfp. I had 3 operations to remove scarring from my 1st op but it just comes back.
I'm not saying it's definitely the cause of my infertility but I think it's a massive chance it is.
About to start my 4th and final IVF attempt.

Good luck flowers

Nigeltufnellover Thu 16-Mar-17 12:55:38

Hiya this is a bit of an old message but had a similar experience. Been trying for 3 years now, waiting for IVF referral for unexplained if. Had a lap last year for suspected endo, found none of that but one ovary and tube completely covered in adhesions, everything stuck together, appendix, bowel etc. Like you was a bit deflated they didn't find endo, and that what they did find raised even more questions, i.e. What caused that scarring (no one knows) if one side fine, then why infertile (again, no one knows).
So officially I'm still 'unexplained' but saw on my referral letter that consultant said could be tubal factor given adhesions.
I couldn't find much info at all about adhesions causing infertility tho, and I was googling like a mad woman.
It's all so frustrating. Good luck with everything xx

NoImBridgetJones Sun 26-Mar-17 18:17:38

Just coming back to this thread to thank you all for the responses. We didn't have any luck the first cycle after the lap, so back to blind hope for the next few cycles and simultaneously prepping for ivf in June - saving like mad, gentle exercising, coq10 blah blah. Hoping to try acupuncture. Anyway, thank you again. Best of luck to you all too flowers

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