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Advice desperately needed

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spinduffy Mon 09-Jan-17 21:00:28

I have just had my 2nd EC today. I am very upset and really hope someone has some words of wisdom.

I am 38 (39 next month). Amh was 17 in July and 7 in October.

I had my first cycle in August. Long protocol with prostap depot and merional 225 mg (450 day 1&2) for 14 days. I only had 5/6 follicles on scans. Gonasi trigger. At EC only 2 eggs, both found in the pouch of Douglas. Bloods showed my LH and progesterone had risen, so had ovulated myself. 1 embryo fertilised and day 2 transfer. BFN.

In Dec I started short protocol. Gonal f 600 day 1&2 and 350 thereafter. Cetrotide from day 3. Triggered with suprecur and orvitrelle. Had 8/9 decent sized follicles on scans. Today at EC only 2 eggs in follicles. A further 4 immature eggs found in the pouch of Douglas. Clinic sent urgent bloods and progesterone was 68. LH was low.

I am utterly devastated. I thought the first cycle was a fluke and with new protocol things would be better. This time my scans looked better and oestrogen levels were good. I seem to have 2 issues: poor egg quality/ responsiveness and also early ovulation.

Has anyone any suggestions what I do now? Clinic are going to talk with other fertility experts, but there are also stumped.

It just feels like we are throwing large sums of money away for no benefit. It feels like I never even have a fighting chance.

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