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Short flare IVF protocol questions

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Mrscrabtree Mon 14-Nov-16 22:15:52

Hi ladies, I just wondered if anyone knew anything about the implications of my planned cycle. I am due to do my second cycle on the short flare agonist but due to start buserelin on day 3 then menopur on day 4 - however all the info I can find online says buserelin should start day 2 and menopur day 3. What impact might this have? I have also read about taking the buserelin for 2 days before starting menopur but I'm not sure what effect this extra day would have. I did the same protocol last cycle and ended up with a cancelled cycle due to one dominant follicle. This time the only change is an increased menopur dose.

Any thoughts gratefully received.

Cityzen74 Wed 16-Nov-16 08:28:38

Hi Mrs Crabtree. Good luck with your cycle. I really hope it isn't cancelled this time and you get a bfp at the end.

I'm starting the short protocol next week and I have to start menopur injections on day 2 and I'm not having buserelin at all. I think perhaps the flare protocol is different though?

Sorry I'm not very much help but I just wanted to wish you luck and hope someone else comes along who knows more.

Mrscrabtree Wed 16-Nov-16 18:29:32

Hi Cityzen, thank you, I appreciate your reply. This whole thing is so hard and confusing and I never feel the clinic explains well enough! I'm not holding out much hope and fully expect the same problem or something else will go wrong but we'll see!

Good luck for yours. Is this your first one?

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