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Advice needed - Brown spotting before period

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sk1pper Sat 22-Oct-16 22:05:21


I've been TTC for 15 cycles now, and although I've begun preliminary fertility tests through my GP, I've noticed something strange via BBT temping (it's only my second cycle of temping).

I always get brown spotting 5 days before my period is due, I thought it was a progesterone issue but my temp stays elevated until right until my first red bleed. Does that mean the brown spotting is normal? And do I still count the brown spotting as part of my luteal phase?

sadhedgie Tue 25-Oct-16 15:30:08

Hi just wanted to comment. Most doctors will tell you it’s ‘normal’ to spot up for a week prior to your period (this is lazy imo). Many will say the spotting is due to progesterone levels falling prematurely. As you have discovered, this isn’t always the case. During my years of infertility the brown spotting was dismissed as ‘normal’. Other ladies on forums have gone to find out their brown spotting was due to a polyp or similar. In my case it turned out i had non symptomatic endometriosis. Unfortunately as i was 38 when i stated infertility investigations, no doctors (even the private consultants) suggested an exploratory laprarosopy, as they all assumed my infertility was due to age (as i also had very low AMH etc). Anyway, long story short after 3 years and multiple failed IVF cycles. i paid to have a laproscopy and hysteroscopy carried out privately, and it turns out i had extensive endometriosis. Which due to location was making pregnancy impossible anyway. Unfortunately by the time i found this out, i was 41, so a bit late. My advice to you would be to to consider a laprarosopy. Tell the GP you have pain if you need to, in order for it to be indicated. Over the years i’ve read so much on the topic of the infamous brown spotting, to know that there is very often a cause (poylps, endo etc). I guess i don’t want anyone to find out too late like i did.

sk1pper Tue 25-Oct-16 16:14:29

Thanks sad, this is precisely the reason I'm asking as my mum and grandmother were diagnosed with severe endo very late in life. Obviously they managed to have kids but it took years of trying, they were also blissfully unaware that endo caused infertility, they only had hysterectomys because their period were becoming too painful.

I did recently go to the Doctor to tell her I was having trouble conceiving and that I thought it was endo but she said endo is really common and just because it's in the family doesn't mean I necessarily have it. Well it is hereditary because I checked, so not sure what she means. Nether the less, she put my down to have initial tests (bloods, swabs, ultrasound) so assume that once I get referred to a gynaecologist, I may be taken a little more seriously.

How does your story end? Did you ever manage to conceive? I'm sorry if posting all that had upset you, how horrible to be let down by people who are meant to help you.

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