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City Fertility - any experiences?

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Raeside Wed 28-Sep-16 14:58:00

Hi there

I just wanted to ask what, if any, experience people had of City Fertility on the IVF front.

I'm (recently) 42 years old and we have a 3yr old son conceived naturally; have been trying to conceive a second child for 2.5yrs now. Had MMC August last year with ERPC at 11 weeks, and an early miscarriage in November last year. It's taken most of this year to get bloods done at GP (thyroid, FSH, LH, etc all within normal ranges) and various scans and dye X-rays done on NHS. I need a hysteroscopy which I'm having at City Fertility on 11 October. They tested my AMH and its 8.8 which I think is not great in general but doable considering my age.

Basically I think we have decided we will give IVF a try but will give it a very defined number of goes before settling happily as a family of 3. We would really empty out emergency coffers by going the ARGC route so have been tossing up between CF or ACU at C&W.

Any thoughts or experiences very welcome! We'd likely go for it come the November cycle.....

Thanks again!!

Raeside Thu 29-Sep-16 08:11:09


Paulajanesmith Mon 21-Aug-17 14:10:46

hi Raeside, not sure whether you've already started your treatment with City Fertility, but I just wanted to share my current experience wink

We saw Dr Abramov for our first consultation and felt really good as he seemed to understand our wishes and took them into consideration. So far me and my partner were really pleased. The staff is really nice and friendly. The appointments sometimes runa bit late but definitely better than nhs.

what about you? have you finished your treatment yet?

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