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starting ICSI (first time) so confused!!

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Aimee2009 Mon 19-Sep-16 22:26:10

So I'll start from the beginning,
I'm 24 and have been with my husband for 7 years, I have a son by previous relationship.
We have been trying for a baby for 5years+ and we have had 7misscarriages over the years and never had a answer for them.
I've had all the tests and a laposcropy in Dec'15 to check for endo and anything else, but all comes back clear.
This year my husband finally got put threw for tests himself, we was told his sperm count is below 1% which is really bad and will eventually drop to nothing, so was told if we wanted to go ahead with treatment, needs to be quick! 😬
We got put forward for ICSI, but NHS will not fund as I have a child already.
We have had a consultation about it, and had bloods taken which cost £1,120 😱!! Last week we got blood results back and was all clear for us to do ICSI.
So now we are at the stage where we have another appt booked with private clinic for 'nurse consultation' on Wednesday to talk about medication (injections for me) and what happens next. Doctor told me on the phone, that after this appt, 'procedjure' will start next period so first week of October (not long)!
I am so scared about these injections, how many do I need? Do they hurt? What is the 'procedjure' I just don't understand some of it! I have read so much stuff, but it's all something different!
Because I've had MC am I likely to have another one?
We have been told it's going to cost in total nearly £7,000, which is possible to find (begging family) we are desperate for a baby but I'm scared it's not going to work, and my husband doesn't deal with things very well and don't think we can take another knock back.
Sorry for long post, I just want someone that knows what I'm going through.
TIA xx

StripeyMonkey1 Mon 19-Sep-16 22:42:03

First of all I think you should take a deep breath as you sound pretty stressed by all this. You are 24 and there is no rush to do anything.

I had ivf rather than icsi (my issue was blocked fallopian tubes) but I think the injections for ivf are the same as icsi. I can reassure you on that part at least - I don't like needles either but they were absolutely fine after a first nervous experience. Mostly you won't even feel it and it you do it is only like a pinch - much less than a blood test.

You might want to ask about the success rate at your clinic, and also the likely success rate for you and your partner. Different clinics have different rates so you might want to shop around. Also, it is expensive and you do have time on your side so it's worth thinking about how you will fund it, particularly if you end up needing more than one cycle. That's not to be negative about it - you might well end up pregnant with a much loved baby straight away - but, going back to my first point, there is no rush and you need not panic.

If I were you, I'd take some time to think about what I really want, to talk with my husband about what might happen - both if you get pregnant and if you don't - and then to make a decision. Also maybe talk to your wider family about your options and what might happen in both scenarios.

Aimee2009 Tue 20-Sep-16 07:58:03

Thank you, I am stressed but excited too but trying not to be as I know it may not work.
We have checked other clinics, but went with this one as our doc referred us and they seem to be cheapest and most helpful.
The time thing is important as because my husbands sperm count is so low and dropping, we have been told that eventually it will drop to zero% and then it will have to be a donor if we want a baby and neither of us want that. But they can't give us a time on when it will drop to nothing.
I know I'm only young but all I've ever wanted is kids and my son is nearly 8 and we would love a baby for him as well as us, it's not a quick fix, we've been wanting this for years.
Don't have much of a big family just mum and dad on my both sides (that's all).
Thanks for the re assurance on injections lol I hate needles so just a little scared.

StripeyMonkey1 Tue 20-Sep-16 22:17:20

It sounds like you have thought this through and have good reasons for going ahead now.

The ivf/icsi process is pretty managed and you will likely have ups and downs. My advice is not to get too obsessed by some of the details and to have confidence in your doctors. I got a bit hung up on how many eggs I was producing for example, and had to be told (quite rightly) that quality not quantity was most important. I now have twins that testify to that being correct grin

Go for it and good luck!

Aimee2009 Wed 21-Sep-16 10:21:35

Thank you.. today we are going for the nurse consultation to go through medication, slightly nervous 😬
Ah wow, Twins! How lucky are you.
Hopefully it will all be okay, just hard trying to control how I feel.. it's mixed emotions right now.

Aimee2009 Wed 21-Sep-16 10:23:24

Because I'm young, I think they have said they will only transfer one so unlucky I'll have more than one baby! Lol
If that's how it works, it's so confusing. I'll let you know what gets said today! 😀
Thanks for reassuring me x

I know this is still expensive but you can pay to get ivf/ICSI on the NHS. Essentially you are a private patient there. I done one round in a private clinic and cost £5900. This time we are paying for ICSI on NHS and it's around£ 3300 plus meds. The bloods would be included in the cost as well. The injections aren't that bad at all. Good luck x

Aimee2009 Tue 04-Oct-16 10:59:06

Hi, I have asked about NHS, but apparently it's all about where you live. And where I live, the NHS refuse to help at all.
As well as the reason that I do have 1 child.
Thankyou anyway.
We have paid everything now, just waiting for my period then injections start. Although I feel like I've forgotten everything nurse told me to do with them lol 🙈 X

mouldycheesefan Tue 04-Oct-16 11:04:46

I had four cycles of icsi, we paid for them privately as icsi was not available on NHS at the time, we had no existing children.
The injections are fine, I previously had a phobia of injections and this cured me completely. They don't hurt but they do bruise. Make sure you mix the drugs properly! It seems daunting but you soon get the hang of it.
Good luck.

Aimee2009 Sat 15-Oct-16 21:00:37

Hey, I have started the injections on Tuesday.. started with FSH Gonal F which is the pen like one, started on a pretty low dose I think 112.5, which I have been fine at doing. Had my first scan yesterday and everything was growing as it should be, but upped the pen dose last night to 125 as nurse said I needed to for 3days and today I Now have to take cetrotide injection aswell until Monday.
Just wondering if anyone else, has taken these injections, if it has caused you any pain? Mainly my left side since yesterday, and crossing to middle of my stomach.
It's a sharp but then dull pain if that makes any sense 😬 I know it could be things changing in my body, but I've googled it and can't seem to find a answer as to it it's normal.
Tia xx

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