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A question about sperm tests

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Staronthewall Fri 15-Jul-16 13:17:52

A friend is going through the early stages of fertility testing with her GP, and is having regular bloods and will be having an internal scan soon and the Gp told her that her husband will also be tested at some point.

A few weeks maybe a month later, she asks her husband about sperm test. He says he's had it and the results were fine.

She asked him what he needed to do as she was interested, and he explained that it was a clinic where he either needed to get a sample there quick enough or go to the clinic and do a sample there to ensure its fresh.

She forgets about it, but is now wondering since she is back and forth to the GP why the results were never bought up with her. Is it totally between the GP and her husband or is it normal for it to be discussed/shared?

She doesnt want to question her husband on it just yet, but wants to make sure that is the norm and that he isn't hiding a bad result or that he hasnt done the test yet.

blue2014 Fri 15-Jul-16 13:45:34

He has to give permission for it to be shared - I assume all her results don't get automatically copied to him.

To be honest, I would ask him for a copy. It's important to know all aspects (count, mobility etc)

simplydivine05 Fri 15-Jul-16 17:03:59

We didn't have our results shared until we attended the fertility clinic and then we both signed to say all information could be shared with either of us.

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