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PCOS and thyroid problems (hyper and/or hypo-active) + thin uterine lining

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ParanoidC123 Wed 15-Jun-16 16:40:31

Hi all,

Could really do with some support/advice. I am driving hubby mad and myself.

Since coming off Cerazette at end of Feb I have had light, mostly brown periods lasting 2 ish days with 0.5-1/2 days spotting.

I am 28 years old and have been hypothyroid (underactive thyroid) since I was 15 (inherited from my mum) and have gone from a dose of about 75 mcg to 175 mcg, to my current dose of 150 mcg. I switched from 175 mcg to 150 mcg around 10th May after losing 3.5 stone.

Well, I am a natural worrier and since we decided to ttc no 1 I have been a wreck (we haven't even finished one cycle of trying!! blush).

So I went to my doc, as when I was 17 the doctor said because of my hairy arms and the fact the hair down the side of my face goes a long way down hmm I might have PCOS (it is also common with hypothyroidism). So, anyway, I had a scan and there were some cysts on my left ovary. I didn't think much of it at 17 and continued with my life. Well, the other day I got a recent thyroid test back and my TSH is and has been for a while, very low, indicating HYPERthyroidism confused (as do my free t3/t4). Well, the doc said this was OK as I hadnt given my body long enough since reducing my dose. Well that's fine.

So, anyway she said, due to the fact we are ttc and I was rpeviously diagnosed with PCOS she would send me for a transvaginal u/s. The letter said I would have to wait 6 weeks just to get the appointment letter shock, so I thought, stuff it, I will pay and have it done. Went yesterday and there are a few things that I am concerned about:

(NB: I was about 5-6 dpo yesterday, CD 24 of a 27-32 day cycle (on 3rd cycle since coming off POP pill):
- Very thin uterine lining - 4 mm
- Enlarged ovaries; L = 9.5 cc and R = 11 cc so not hugely enlarged
- Cysts indicative of PCO - R = at least 10 small follicles/cycsts measuring under 8 mm each, L = 8 small follicles all measuring under 8 mm, no large cysts on either
- Collapsed corpus luteum on right ovary (I think this is way too early for the CL to be collapsed)?
- Her conclusion: 'Appearances could be consistent with very mild PCO - and post-ovulation on the right ovary'
- She was sure I had ovulated from the right ovary and I had a positive CB advanced OPK last Wed+Thurs

I am now terrified I am infertile, what with the PCOS and thin womb lining and the fact my TSH is so low. I have just been crying and crying thinking I am infertile and will never have children.

I am also wondering if the thin womb lining could be related to my thyroid, now I am showing as HYPERactive, I have read this can result in very light, short periods. Maybe once my thyroid levels stabilise a bit on the lower dose this might help increase my uterine lining?

I don't know.


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