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too much exercise

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broodykingy Sun 10-Apr-16 09:40:39

Hi All,

Just a quick question about if any of you have had any advice regarding exercise during ttc.

I have always exercised and gone through phases of cutting down, but part of me likes to exercise as it's something about my body I can control but I'm not sure what is too much? I like the gym and running, was maybe thinking of switching to swimming though to be safe.

It's unclear why we can't conceive just yet, my periods are a bit longer than normal, typically 32 to 40 days the past few months but all the provisional tests at drs are all fine regarding swabs, smear, ultrasound, blood tests, hysteroscopy and an internal scan.

I think although we have been trying a year and a half I am maybe slightly behind some of you with regards to the fact that I've gone through the tests at doctors but probably been a bit naive about my lifestyle. I don't drink a lot at all and I don't really eat unhealthily. Is there anything in particular that I should eat or is it just generally healthier. I will be asking my dr all this stuff when I next go as understand it could all be different for each person and depending on the reason for infertility. I've looked online but there are that many differing things it gets too much!

Thanks all in advance.

cheapredwine Sun 10-Apr-16 10:51:22

Unless you're in full on marathon training constantly and are putting your body under stress through being underweight and overtraining etc, I honestly don't think you need to worry. If anything it'll help. I don't think there's any need to switch to swimming TBH but just be sensible. Same with diet. At this stage I'd say just do what a healthy person would do - not too much alcohol, plenty of fruit and veg, but also chocolate or cake if you feel like it sort of thing. Conception vitamin including folic acid and Vitamin D. Further down the line there are lots of lifestyle changes / dietary things you could explore but speaking only for myself, I think much of it is a bit bunk. But I'm probably in the minority on that.

RobberBride Sun 10-Apr-16 17:16:24

You should ideally be having a balanced diet with decent amounts of healthy fats, carbs, protein and veg (unless you get diagnosed with PCOS, in which case low carb). There's some evidence out there that eating low fat products (especially dairy products) can reduce fertility, so I switched to full fat everything.

In my area, they will only treat women for infertility if their BMI is between 20 and 25, and they ideally like a BMI of 22 or 23. I've got HA, so I got told to reduce my exercise (and I wasn't doing even as much as you) BUT that's a fairly unusual diagnosis, and not something the average women will need to worry about, just an idiot like me (lost weight through stress and seem to have messed up my body's hormonal balance in the process). The crucial thing is to ensure you're eating back as many calories as you burn off during exercise, and don't skimp on fats, protein or carbs.

Honeybee79 Sun 10-Apr-16 18:08:27

Unless you are overtraining/are training so hard that you're underweight, I don't think exercise is an issue, especially if it relieves stress etc. My clinic encourages it!

broodykingy Sun 10-Apr-16 18:24:34

Thanks all, that's really encouraging for me.

I obviously don't want to do anything to reduce our chances but I'm definitely not underweight, I'm probably around average for my height (have lost a a little bit of weight lately but it would have just taken me from top end of bmi to middle) and like I said it reduces stress and it's something I can control my body doing seen as it's too sh*t to get pregnant atm! (Excuse me just part of my daily rant).

RobberBride Sun 10-Apr-16 18:39:48

Please rant away. I'm not too impressed with the crapness of my body either!

Dontlaugh Sun 10-Apr-16 18:46:32

I suppose if one is honest, I'd ask how much do you weigh? What is your height?
How much do you train?
Our bodies have s strange way of telling us we are eating too little or not enough of the right stuff.
Females need fat to get pregnant - I don't know how to phrase this scientifically but that is it in basic language.
I hope it works out for you.

MehMehM3h Sun 10-Apr-16 19:45:22

Hi broody! I am the same - exercise helps reduce stress and calms my crazy! I agree with dontlaugh - women need some fat to help get pregnant. The way I see it, if exercising is not hindering your periods and you're generally healthy, it's a good thing.

This isn't the same but when we started our first round of ivf, the nurse never told me to stop exercising, I was fine to keep doing what I was doing (running/weights/yoga)...It was only when I was injecting myself/egg collection and transfer was I told to stop running and lifting weights. I could still keep up yoga.

broodykingy Sun 10-Apr-16 21:18:07


Just checked my bmi and it's about 23.5 so at the higher end of average.

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