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Last minute nightmare

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WootyWoo Sun 17-Jan-16 19:15:43

I feel like this kind of sh!t happens to me a lot and I'm exasperated and fed up. I'm having a natural cycle ivf abroad this month and today was my day 7 follicle tracking scan in the UK. (I booked it at an antenatal clinic so joy of joys I'm also surrounded by lots of baby bumps)
Basically I'm there, fanny cam ready with legs in the air, and the bloody machine breaks. Such are the powers of my defective vagina...
After a stressed out few hours trying to find someone else to probe my fanny on a Sunday (ffs)... the clinic call back and say it's working again. Great.
What a relief. My problem is my lead follicle is already 20mm and by the time I could relay this to the clinic abroad they were closed.
Yikes...I'm sure I usually trigger at that size?.....what if I ovulate before I can arrange egg collection/flights etc...I have clexane, will this delay ovulation? If the cycle gets cancelled I won't be able to cycle again until April due to work and this is a very depressing thought.
Anyway, just a moan, I'm not sure how anyone can help, I just needed to get it out! Not sure whether to laugh or cry so have done a bit of both.

waitingimpatient Sun 17-Jan-16 19:17:03

Clexane won't. Cetrotide might delay ovulation.

Sounds v stressful do the clinic not have an emergency number ?

WootyWoo Sun 17-Jan-16 20:02:26

Thanks waiting, yes silly me I've just checked it's cetrotide I've got not clexane. No emergency number for the clinic unfortunately. I'm going to phone them at the crack of dawn tomorrow as they're 2 hours ahead.
How long can cetrotide delay ovulation? I've got 2 doses/boxes. I'm hoping to trigger tomorrow for egg collection Wednesday. I'm not sure if my lead follicle will be too big by then though? Gah all so stressful.

waitingimpatient Sun 17-Jan-16 20:27:44

I'm really not sure how long it can delay ovulation....hopefully somebody more knowledgeable will be along soon. I would assume it couldn't hurt to use it today if you are triggering tomorrow as in my cycle I had my gonal f and cetrotide then a day off those meds then my trigger (I think it was nearly a year ago!) I had a buserilin trigger so may be different.

I don't know about follicle size although 20mm sounds about right for nearing ec
Good luck x

WootyWoo Sun 17-Jan-16 22:24:02

Thank you waiting your reply has really helped me :-) Thankfully the director of the clinic emailed back at about 11pm her time, giving me her home number. Amazing. Also thankfully I pee'd on an ovulation stick this morning which was negative otherwise I would have had to fly tomorrow which would have been a logistical nightmare with work/ cattery for the cats etc. All sorted now, I've taken cetrotide today and will trigger tomorrow, fly Tuesday. Egg collection Wednesday. ....And relax. ;-)

waitingimpatient Sun 17-Jan-16 22:33:47

That's great news, you must be so relieved they got back to you !

Fingers crossed it all goes well smile

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