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How utterly ridiculous and unfair is the 2ww!

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closephine85 Sun 27-Dec-15 17:21:11

So on month 29 of this infertility rubbish and I've been thinking about how stupid the whole two week wait is... What I mean is, the egg is released and within 24 hours is either fetilised or dies. Then you have to wait an entire TWO WEEKS to find out. Why can't it be the size of a grape or something (not big enough to hurt but big enough to see). Or why can't they invent a test that can tell you whether the egg has actually been fertilized? I just think it's so f'in rubbish that you can be getting your hopes up about something, spotting symptoms but it could all have been over within that first 24 hours after ovulation. I know this won't be the same for everyone, our situation is pointing towards male factor infertility, but still.

Sorry, weird hormonal rant over.

uhhuh Mon 28-Dec-15 04:39:45

I totally agree, there is money to be made inventing a test that picks up fertilisation!! 23 months here, we've never had a bfp but id love to know have we ever come close?! Wouldn't it be great if you could set up a wee camera up there to see at what step it all goes wrong?!

closephine85 Mon 28-Dec-15 06:38:36

Exactly smile love the camera idea hah! I just think it's nuts that I have so many scans prior to ovulation, but then as soon I've ovulated I'm just left to it, surely at the most important and telling time!

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