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unusual period

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backonthewagon Wed 07-Oct-15 09:52:08

My cycles are irregular anything from around 40 to 90 days. I have had cramping low down, sore boobs, heartburn and metallic taste for about 2 weeks (started Wednesday 23/9). I did a test after 8 days of these symptoms which was negative so knew I was going to be on soon. I usually have a couple of full flow days and then about 4 days of very light bleeding. Well on Friday 2/10 late afternoon I had literally a spot of blood. Then nothing til Sunday 4/10 evening around 9pm and I used a tampon. Monday 5/10 I was full flow but only used 2 tampons and then yesterday Tuesday 6/10 I only used 1 tampon. When I took it out in the evening it was bloody but still had white patches left. I put a pantyliner in my pants and nothing since.

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