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About to start IVF and have been told of potential problem with Donor Sperm

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chesnutgirl2000 Wed 19-Aug-15 21:48:41

I already have a healthy beautiful child with DS. After my child was born my partner and I bought more of the same DS so we could continue to use it.
Now our fertility clinic have informed us that a baby has been born using this DS that has genetic disorders. They went through the list of this baby conditions and its clearly poorly. As a result this sperm has been put on hold. These genetic disorders could of come from the donors side or the mothers side.
The mother was referred to the NHS for Genetic testing, My fertility clinic have been in touch with her and she has not returned there phone calls to inform them of the results.
I am aware that other families have been created using this DS and there has not been any problems/issues'.
The fertility clinic have agreed to try and contact the mother again but as they say she hasn't got to tell them anything. In the meantime i can use the sperm but must sign a disclaimer.
My thoughts our that if I was this mother and had the testing done and it came back negative I would be the first one on the phone to the fertility clinic going mad at them and blaming them for dodgy sperm. So with her not getting in touch am I right in assuming that the issue has come from her?
Remember ...... Other children have been born with no issues!

What would you do and what are your thoughts please?

SesameSparkle Thu 20-Aug-15 22:57:23

Hi this all sounds quite scary and frustrating for you. Hopefully the clinic will be able to resolve soon. Given the seriousness of the potential situation, perhaps it wouldn't do any harm waiting just a little bit longer so you can make an informed decision before starting your treatment cycle?

marmaladeandjam11 Thu 20-Aug-15 23:06:06

That's a really alarming situation. Have you been advised to have your child tested or checked for the genetic condition? As a woman using DS myself, I would err on the side of caution and perhaps wait for further information to emerge, assuming it will. Not sure where you obtained the sperm? Are you able to consider using another donor?

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