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London Womens Clinic

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stacyJacob Thu 13-Aug-15 15:03:07


I would like to share my experience with London Women's clinic, London; so that anyone who is looking for reviews can consider my experience.

Because we did not have baby for few years, we contacted London Women's Clinic and they conducted our fertility tests. They found that my husband has very low sperm count and motility. As per their results, he did not have even 1% of healthy or motile sperm. Count was just 4%. They did the sperm test again after 2 months and the results were same. Doctor suggested IVF ICSI for us. We had asked for options, and he insisted 'no doctor in this world will advise you any other option as you have very low sperm count and motility rate'. This had disappointed us so much, and we were not even trying to have baby naturally after that. However, after reading the reviews about London women's clinic, we decided to go for any other fertility clinic. Registered with ARC and waited for their appointment for more than a month. Because they were taking too long, we decided to go with Nuffield health woking. They were very nice, friendly and encouraging. We had same tests and his sperm count was more than 70%, healthy motile sperm rate was normal. Doctor encouraged us to try again naturally and said 'as you are trying for long time, if you want to try IVF you can. but I will still say to keep trying till the time of IVF'. And I became naturally pregnant, one month before IVF. I did not need IVF and I am pregnant for 2.5 months now.

My neighbour had similar experience from London womens clinic. I also heard LWC has very bad methods and they were investigated few times.

If anyone is going to London Womens clinic, it may be worth thinking twice.

Wishing you good luck.

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