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Guardian article about infertility

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tessandjude Sat 06-Jun-15 17:07:07

I just read this:

I'm at the start of this painful journey and it made me cry. I think it's good she's raising some awareness, I have had many unwelcome comments from well meaning people, including from a nurse recently who saw from my notes my test was related to fertility investigations and asked me if I was excited about it all! Before I started ttc I know I was the same though.

LittleTalks Sat 06-Jun-15 20:20:37

Thanks for sharing that Tess. So much there rings true with me too. I think people can't imagine how lonely it is - you're stuck in this weird limbo where you can't move on with your life like friends with children, but with being careful about food, alcohol, exercise, all the drugs and appointments you also don't have the freedom of the young and carefree.
And TOTALLY agree with the "are you excited?" one. One of my best friends keeps on asking me this and saying "how exciting" when I tell her about progress. This is in the context of our last IVF ending in a horrendously stressful ruptured ectopic which could have killed me. Funnily enough, no, I'm not that excited about this FET.
I wish everyone would read that article!

tessandjude Sun 07-Jun-15 07:42:13

I'm sorry about your awful experience and about the unhelpful comments.

I thought it was true when she said how no one just forgets to have children. I'm in my early 30 and have had a lot of comments recently from older colleagues about not 'leaving it too late.' I just wish the whole process was a lot faster. I feel I know we can't conceive naturally and have had some poor results so far but going through all the other tests and checks seems to be taking forever particularly footing of around work.

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