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Moving house and first IVF in same month...

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Solaia Sun 16-Nov-14 21:23:28

Due to a set of circumstances beyond our control, DH and I are moving into our dream house (yay!) and having IVF after a three year wait (yay!) both of which are happening in January (noooo!)

Anyone had IVF and able to tell me this is going to be OK? I'm not too clued up on IVF I'm ashamed to say but I guess I'm wondering

- is it stressful? I know the house move will be, and I'm concerned about the double stress

- do I need to rest? Can I be lugging boxes around like I usually would be?

- is there anything practical I need to think about, for example does the medication need refrigerated? The houses are not all that close to one another - at least an hour's drive.

I'm beginning to panic... wine

Quodlibet Sun 16-Nov-14 21:32:45

Wow that's a lot of excitement all at once!

Can you not put the IVF back a month? I haven't got experience of IVF but do think it has the potential to be very stressful, so it's not an ideal scenario).

How complicated is your house move? Are you buying and selling (stressful) or just moving rented?

Quodlibet Sun 16-Nov-14 21:55:53

Sorry I don't want to sound negative or to worry you more, but I think you are right to think carefully about the stress levels of both those things.

It might be worth trying to get a better sense of the timescale of the IVF and at exactly what stage in the process you'll be when you move.

On a practical note, could you find ways to bypass some of the house move stress - perhaps go and stay with a friend/somewhere relaxing for a few days while the actual moving takes place? Use one of those removal firms that comes and packs your house up for you?

Hopefully someone will be along soon with some actual experience of IVF rather than just of extremely stressful house moves, which is what I am drawing on here

theowlwhowasafraidofthedark Sun 16-Nov-14 22:04:54

Hi there.
I did this! First ivf but already had dc1 (not sure if that reduced or increased stress). I found it ok as I didn't find ivf particularly gruelling physically. Would have been gutted if it hadn't worked though. I had already been doing clomid treatments fairly nonstop in the build up to the move. If it had failed we had already decided that we switch to a more local clinic for the try. I've had another ivf baby since then so we're an ivf success story (although some failed frozen and fresh attempts I between. Good luck

Solaia Sun 16-Nov-14 22:39:45

Thanks for the replies and the story of hope.

We have moved five times in the last six years, due to a variety of circumstances, (we're not running from the law or anything!) But they have all been physically and emotionally gruelling. I think you are right, we need to offload as much work to others as possible. My sister, who I would usually rely on for everything, will be 7 months pg at that point, so I'm worried about not having her assistance either... We are not selling, but do need to leave our rental place spotless and have it inspected by our landlord, which is mega stressful in itself.

We have a consultant appointment this week which will give a better timescale for the IVF. I'm not keen to push it back, although I can see why that would make sense...

I need a lie down in a darkened room just thinking about it!

FlyingFortress Sun 16-Nov-14 22:47:05

If this is your first IVF, then I would push it back.

My experience of IVF is over a decade ago, but an IVF cycle could last 6-8 weeks including taking drugs to down regulate your own cycle, and then take further injections to boost the number of eggs being produced. Both stages can require additional monitoring either by blood tests or internal scans, so you really don't want to be moving house on a day when you have a scan. Also you can't always predict how your body will react to the drugs so you can't plan which days you will have scans in advance.

We moved house during the start of our 4th IVF cycle. We had packers helping us to move as I had a toddler (from IVF number 3). On the day of the move I couldn't find the drugs I was taking to down reg so ended up having to head to a local hospital to get a prescription that evening to be filled at the emergency pharmacy - a stress which I could have done without!

Good luck with the move and of course with the IVF.

Rumplestrumpet Mon 17-Nov-14 09:35:40

Congrats on both, sounds like 2015 is shaping up to be an exciting year for you!

I've recently been through a cycle of IVF and, while it wasn't particularly physically gruelling, I was grateful for the peace I had in the rest of my life at that time (unstressful job for the first time in my life, lots of free time, relaxing weekend walks, etc).

The key thing is to find out exactly what protocol they intend to put you on, and what the timeline will be. If it's a long protocol then you may have a few weeks of taking the pill, followed by a few weeks of down regging (which might just be a nasty potion to sniff a couple of times a day), then followed by the "fun bit" (!).

In a short protocol, you'll skip all that, and just start straight on the next stage - stimming for 7-14 days (usually around 10, depends on how you respond to the drugs), with regular blood tests and scans during this time. The stimming drugs I used had to be kept in the refridgerator, and the injections must be done at the same time every day - eg between 6pm and 8pm. Once the follicles have grown big enough, this is followed by a "trigger" injection to make the eggs mature, and 36 hours later egg collection (local or general anaesthetic, or heavy sedation, depends on what your clinic offers). You'll need at least one whole day off work/heavy activities for the egg collection (I went for a stroll that afternoon, as it just felt like period cramps, but I've known women to take a whole week off, mostly staying in bed, with severe pain). Then either 3 or 5 days later you will go back in for the embryo transfer.

It's worth noting too that many women suffer considerable discomfort during the end of the stimming phase - especially if they have lots of large follicles. I was fine, as I only had 7, but I know several women felt very sore and bloated at this time. And once embryo transfer takes place, you're going to want to take it easy somewhat. I went for a long stroll on the same day, which was fine though I was very tired at the end. But I wouldn't have wanted to climb lots of stairs, and certainly not carry any heavy boxes.

So to a certain extent, once you know the protocol and start date, you could sit down with a calendar and work out roughly when things will happen. But you won't know for sure in advance - I left work on a Friday afternoon, not knowing if I'd be back on Monday or not, because it was only on the Saturday morning scan that they told me to "trigger" that night, and do egg collection Monday morning.

I would suggest you are honest with your clinic about the challenges in January - they can't put you to the back of the queue again! And they will want you to have the best chance of success, not least for their stats. Moving house and an IVF cycle could be done in the same month, if you can transfer a lot of the heavy work and stress to someone else. But don't forget that we don't get many shots at this, and you might feel terrible if you have an unsuccessful cycle and wonder if it was the stress/heavy boxes/chaos of it all that contributed.

Happy to answer any more questions you have. Hope that wasn't too scary!

allchatnicknamesgone Mon 17-Nov-14 11:47:53

I have just done my first short ivf cycle. I appreciate it is very different for everyone, so it must be hard to make a decision from people experiences based on here. Personally, I found the process fine and pretty easy going. EC was fine and so was the transfer. I did definitely need some lying down though between EC and ET. I had some cramping (but to be honest i think a lot of it was constipation because you need a pain killer suppository before EC - don't worry, you do it yourself before you go to clinic)

I was having building work done whilst having my ivf. At times pretty stressful and I remember having one massive argument with a guy on the phone and I could feel my heart racing and my blood pumping!

I think you have waited a long time and of course it would be lovely if you are already settled, but at the same time I think there will always be some sort of challenge when you come to do your ivf. Hopefully maybe they can move it a month just to make it easier, because you will find yourself having to make many trips to the clinic.

But, I think as long as you stay positive and try and take it in your stride, you will be fine. Be positive and try and be sensible and not lift the heaviest boxes and carry then too far.

Good luck and I'm sure your appointment with consultant will be really helpful in your decision making x

naty1 Mon 17-Nov-14 14:49:34

I started lp last jan and didnt have collection until mid feb so if its long protocol youll have lots of time, short it would be easy enough to move back a month.
I would say though if you have pcos ? I would avoid jan if you temd to indulge a lot at xmas.

GorgeousPie Sun 30-Nov-14 02:09:36

I had my first cycle of ivf during a stressful time - not the same as moving house but I was in the throes of completing some postgraduate study and also changed jobs, which required a heap of travel, meetings and new challenges (like public presentations), just as we hit the top of the wait list. I remember collecting my medication from the clinic the day I did my last shift in my old job and crying all the way home wondering how I would cope. I asked the consultant about postponing and she was very breezy about the whole thing!
Physically I didn't find it too hard, DH was very supportive. Definitely look into it for a sense of the timescale, you'll have a rough kind of idea but I do think it's doable, and have a chat with your consultant about what'll be going on for you. You'll know, I think, what you'll be able to cope with and for me I was actually a little relieved to have something else to focus on and think about, especially during the TWW. Our first cycle was successful, she's hopefully just gone back to sleep in the next room.
Good luck! X

bluemoonday Sun 30-Nov-14 15:00:31

My advice would also be to rearrange your ivf date if you can. I've had two cycles of ivf with two early miscarriages, and both times I've asked myself 'what if' or 'I wish I'd done this, that or the other'. Pointless I know, but you'll feel a lot better about the whole experience (and the outcome) if you've removed as much stress and 'what ifs' as possible. Moving house is stressful.

HowsTheSerenity Mon 01-Dec-14 05:51:16

I was working full time, studying full time, shift working, and preparing for crazily important exams during my first cycle. It didn't work but I don't blame my life but my eggs.

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