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No chance of a false positive 8-10 days after transfer of embryo, donor eggs used?

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wouldbemedic Mon 14-Apr-14 16:42:23

Just that - Today is day 10 and for the last few days there have been positive pregnancy tests - clearblue - saying 1-2, then 2-3 weeks. Are we right in thinking there's no chance it can be false, because an egg donor was used?

suzylee73 Mon 14-Apr-14 18:48:45

Until an expert comes along - congratulations grin
If you used a donor you won't have used the ovulation trigger which can cause false positives. So it looks good but I understand it's always hard to trust what a little stick is telling you. Maybe a blood test would reassure you

SweepTheHalls Mon 14-Apr-14 18:51:31

The fact it is climbing is good too

Liquoriceallsort Mon 14-Apr-14 20:33:38

I don't see how it could, as you didn't have a 'cycle'. Congratulations! grin

wouldbemedic Tue 15-Apr-14 00:36:35

Thank you! It's not me, it's our amazing surrogate! We're so happy. Thanks again ladies. smile

purplemeggie Thu 17-Apr-14 11:17:44

Hooray! Congratulations grin

wouldbemedic Mon 05-May-14 21:19:43

And it's twins!!!!!!!

Liquoriceallsort Mon 05-May-14 22:34:56

Wow congratulations! Did they put more than one back or did it split?

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