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No ovulation after laparoscopy and dye

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SarahFx Sun 01-Sep-13 10:01:37

Hi, I'm struggling with secondary infertility for over two years now. I've been seeing a consultant for 2 years and we've had all the tests. Main problem is with me that I didn't ovulate regularly but that was mostly fixed since I've been on metformin. I've been on clomid too but no success.

I had a HSG recently and the doc couldn't get any dye through at all but said that could just be down to spasm or maybe scarring from my previous c section. So I had a laparoscopy, dye and hysteroscopy. He came and talked to me when I was coming round so I was still drowsy (why wouldn't he just ring me the next day I don't know!) and said he'd found I had a unicornate uterus which was stuck to my insides, not sure what this means. He also said that my one Fallopian tube (only born with one and one kidney) was patent and we should be able to conceive.

Anyway, the op was on 2nd August and I was at the end of my period then. I have normally ov around cd18-22 but now on day 32 and no ov. I know this pretty reliably as I have a duo fertility monitor.

Has this happened to anyone else? I rang the hospital but they say I need to wait til my follow up appt mid October. I thought this was going to fix everything and it was a bloody awful operation but I put up with it to have a much wanted sibling for my boy and now it all seems for nothing as I've lost my ability to ov again.

Sorry I'm just so sad about it.

Ell11 Sun 01-Sep-13 22:47:53

Sorry for what you are going through- its so all consuming TTC when your body doesn't function the way the text books say it should. I had fertility issues due to blocked Fallopian tubes. When I first started trying (didn't know my tubes were blocked back then) my cycles suddenly stopped being their regular 30 days and for over 5 years they were anything between 30 - 60 days long!

Mine is a long story... cutting straight to the end, after 2 ectopic pregnancies (and 2 DDs which I am extremely blessed to have), I can no longer get pregnant naturally. Now I know I can't naturally have children, my cycles are a perfect 28 days every month. For me, the psychological obviously had a massive impact on my hormones, but I did manage to ovulate- it was a case of (reluctantly) being patient.

I can completely sympathise with you- it's so frustrating and demoralising when you can't even try because there's no ovulation. I think it's quite common for this to happen to women TTC though so try to sit tight and be patient! Hope it happens for you soon. FX!

AttilaTheMeerkat Mon 02-Sep-13 15:01:35

I would actually now put in a written complaint about being told about the findings of the lap post op when you were still drowsy. This is poor practice on the part of the hospital. You should have ideally had a post op apt a week post this operation.

Do you have polycystic ovaries or was there any sign of these?. Do you actually have a firm diagnosis?.

I would be wary of using the fertility monitor at all as these can be wrong.

Would see if there are actually any cancellation appointments - you may get seen quicker that way.

SarahFx Mon 02-Sep-13 18:47:47

Thanks for your replies. I'm so grateful to the hospital for doing these tests on the NHS that I wouldn't want to complain about my consultant. He is a nice man nd probably thought my husband would be listening to him but he didn't really understand the jargon like me.

I haven't been diagnosed with PCOS, he didn't mention cysts on my ovaries but I do have acne but no other symptoms so who knows? After some more googling it would seem its quite common for cycle to be messed up after a lap due to the trauma to the body so I just have to wait again. I got pregnant first month on 25mg of clomid with our son so can't understand why it's so hard this time.

I didn't realise there was an issue with my fertility monitor being wrong. It's basically stuck to me all the time to take my BBT so I thought it was quite accurate? I couldn't use opks as I could ovulate any time in my cycle so i would be using an awful lot of them.

Thanks for letting moan anyway!

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