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Choosing a fertility clinic in London

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tak1ngchances Mon 22-Jul-13 10:27:10

Hello all. After 2 years of trying naturally without a single BFP, I have decided to go to a private clinic for a proper fertility investigation.
NHS have been spectacularly useless, with endless waits between appointments and a consultant who gave us a diagnosis of unexplained infertility with only very basic evidence and no additional tests.

Can anyone recommend a clinic in London? I will do my own research online but nothing beats a personal recommendation.

Thanks very much in advance. Apologies if I sound a bit grumpy, I am in agony with period pain and feeling down.

handcream Mon 22-Jul-13 10:57:29

Try the Lister Hospital in London. Expensive and some people have complained they are run like a business (which they are!!) with payments taken before they are seen. As long as you recognise this then they are great.

And they will do tests on you. You might struggle to get an appointment but offer to fit in with any cancellations and perhaps call every two days and see if they have an cancellations. Not ideal but it worked for me.....

tak1ngchances Mon 22-Jul-13 11:51:55

Thank you handcream. Any idea about ARGC? They seem to have v high success rates

handcream Mon 22-Jul-13 15:57:08

Saw a documentary about this clinic. The BBC really went for Dr Taranassi. The reporter was Kate Silverton. They were accusing him of doing unnecesary tests and of having two clinics. As he explained, one was for women over the age of 40. Another complaint was that the credit card machine was on the reception desk!

I know, it was really bad reporting. Kate was very 'well I dont want to be practised on' when the Dr asked her how old she was and if she would go in for tests herself. Of course it has since being revealed that she struggled to conceive. I always thought she had slipped his card in her bag!

Apparently the Dr got an apology. I would defintiely consider him. Its all very well saying that he is doing unnecessary tests but he has one of the best success rates.....

Really the most important thing IMHO is to find out what you are up against, is the problem with you or your partner. Some clinics even now will do test after test without testing the man right at the beginning.

Good luck!

Luckystarfour Mon 22-Jul-13 22:00:40

ARGH do have great success rates and I know off my with positive results from there. 2 things to think about 1) they are very intensive which is why they get the results I feel but be prepared to visit the clinic ALOT! 2) they are pretty pricey due to the amount of visits I guess.

I have been the HSFC on Harley street and would highly recommend dr Venkat's attention to detail. I have also experienced CIty fertilty for my egg collection and embryo transfer and they are very professional and have a great set up. Lots of Spanish consultants and embryologists here and they do offer really good rates!

I would stay clear of CARE with a barge poll!

Good luck! :-)

tak1ngchances Mon 22-Jul-13 22:36:38

Great advice thank you! Will look into Lister and City Fertility

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