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No period after clomid

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bouncingbelle Tue 02-Jul-13 01:05:08

Hoping someone can help, v low at moment. Did one round of clomid, then had a month off (as partner works away so no point being on it) but now my previously regular as clockwork period hasn't started and therefore I can't start my next round of clomid hmm my cycle on clomid was only 26 days but this cycle is 35 days already and if it doesn't start soon then partner will be away again. I,ve spoken to the clinic and they have suggested not stopping the clomid every other month, but unfortunately won't give me more than 8 cycles - and he will be away for four of them.

Has anyone else experienced long cycles after clomid? Or having any positive clomid stories at all - I really need cheering up!!! sad

Dreamy33 Tue 09-Jul-13 11:35:21

Hi bouncingbelle. Sorry to hear you're feeling so low. No success stories here I'm afraid but I was just trawling the various forums and found your question which is very relevant for me right now.

A little about my background- ttc 2.5 years, all tests clear for both myself and husband so am on very long nhs ivf waiting list with unexplained infertiity. In the meantime I've been given 3 months of clomid and am looking into going private for ivf. Problem is I need an up to date smear test and my latest test taken 4weeks ago was messed up by rushed nurse and so I have to wait for retest in three months time- sad No ivf for me for time being!!

Anyway, I've just finished 2nd month of clomid and am waiting for my period. Normal cycle is 28 days but am on 30 already. Just want period to come so I can start next cycle. How/why does clomid extend luteal phase? I ovulated at the same time as normal. Btw no chance of bfp because I've tested and also have all the symptoms that I'm out this month.

Sorry i haven't any answers, but I'm interested in hearing from someone that might!

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