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Couples should sleep apart for better health, says sleep expert

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EightiesChick Wed 09-Sep-09 08:15:09

Anyone seen this story?

"the longer couples had spent together, the more likely they were to have separate rooms. By the time they were aged in their 70s, 40% were choosing to sleep apart.

"Other research showed that men were likely to prod their snoring partners awake, while women tended to put up with the noise - as they struggled to sleep."

There are many benefits to sleeping with DH smile but I also LOVE sleeping alone when I go away for work etc. There is just something about spreading out across a whole bed.

WowOoo Wed 09-Sep-09 08:18:43

Makes me feel better. We've always been through phases of sleeping together and apart depending on how tired we are.

Also, the issue of 'that's my side' get us. Bugger it. I'll sleep in the middle, much better!

I try to allow dh back in main bed for cuddles, chats and to discuss when I might feel up to it again (have new baby!)

ta for link will read later

Meglet Wed 09-Sep-09 10:16:01

I'm single now, but when I was with XP I always slept badly and woke every hour or so. Two people wriggling and turning over in bed isn't very restful for light sleepers.

angelene Wed 09-Sep-09 10:23:27

I'm sleeping separately from DH at the moment as we're having some work done and have no blinds in our room. I can handle it but he's camped out in the spare room and I'm sleeping SO MUCH BETTER. He snores fit to wake the dead so I'm always having to nudge him over onto his side. It never bothered me until we had DD and all of a sudden I became much less good at sleeping hmm

Now, if I could just get DD to stop having nightmares...

Buda Wed 09-Sep-09 10:25:07

Glad I am doing something right. Although I usually have DS in with me. And he is 8! Yes 8!

He actually did sleep in his own bed last night though.

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