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Children quizzed about murder attempt.......

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Gwenick Wed 01-Jun-05 11:17:11

I can't belive I've just read this, here .

golds Wed 01-Jun-05 11:21:53

Apalling, hope the little one is OK

starlover Wed 01-Jun-05 12:01:25

was just about to link to this...

what is happening to children these days??????

Lizzylou Wed 01-Jun-05 12:03:52

Oh my God!
What a horrifc story, I cannot believe that children would be trying to kill children, it's obscene......
Make me so very scared and sad.....I am going to stay an overprotective parent like my Mom was, there are just too many dangers in the world

ChaCha Wed 01-Jun-05 17:43:31

I just heard this on the news and was absolutely shocked! That poor child, fiver years old!!! Bless him, little lamb, his poor family - I really haven't the words to express my anger. They are kids for goodness sake
Lizzylou - I agree about being protective, what a world we live in. Makes you mad!

ChaCha Wed 01-Jun-05 17:43:50

Sorry, fiver = five

Puff Wed 01-Jun-05 17:44:26

Heard it on the radio. Chilling .

Puff Wed 01-Jun-05 17:44:27

Heard it on the radio. Chilling .

Puff Wed 01-Jun-05 17:44:38


kalex Wed 01-Jun-05 18:16:38

But where were the five years olds parents - guardians at the time of the incident. Chilling is the right word!

jessicasmummy Wed 01-Jun-05 18:18:07


shalaa Wed 01-Jun-05 18:20:10

I just thought of Jamie Bulger when I heard this. Poor little kid, I agree where were his parents? Five is far too young to be off playing in the woods, unless he was lured away?

tiffini Wed 01-Jun-05 18:21:25

Reminded me of James Bulger too,

golds Wed 01-Jun-05 18:54:02

I remember not so long ago being in the car outside a shop, dh had gone in and ds was messing about in the front of the car with the stereo, I was with him but in the back, 3 lads walked passed the car and did something silly and ds laughed, they started mucking about and teasing him through a almost shut window,(not close as few steps away) I was fidling about with something on the floor and when I sat up straight they saw me and said Oh he has someone with him and ran off, it wasn't until afterwards I thought that ds could have been in some sort of danger here (probably not as they were probably harmless) but it did make me wonder, I never leave him alone anyway so it wouldn't have happended, but ds was quite fascinated with these boys. I made sure to tell him not to go off with any sort of strangers even kids.

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