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Come on, help me choose who to vote for!

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KayHarkerDoesNotSimper Sun 31-May-09 22:54:25

Right, I can't not vote in the locals, the fecking BNP are standing, so it's a must to at least tot one up against them.

I know who I'm voting for in the Euro-elections (and am very relieved to be able to vote predominantly with my conscience on that), but it's these pesky locals that have me stumped.

I have choice between the BNP (ha de farking ha) the Tories, Labour and the Lib Dems. Who should I plump for? I'm genuinely not sure.

policywonk Sun 31-May-09 22:57:49

I'd have thought you'd go Tory, on the anti-ID cards thing alone. (Can't believe I'm advising someone to vote Tory...)

Do you want to vote on local issues?

GypsyMoth Sun 31-May-09 23:00:30

I haven't had any at my door yet!! Are you all having them knocking? I have specific question I'd like to ask each, then I'll decide on that basis. But til they come knocking.........

policywonk Sun 31-May-09 23:01:15

Ain't you got no Greens in your ward Kay? There are lots standing in your council.

policywonk Sun 31-May-09 23:03:52

Your Tory GE candidate looks nuts. But that's neither here nor there I suppose.

KayHarkerDoesNotSimper Sun 31-May-09 23:08:57

Hmm, just noticed we do have a green, yes, although his name rings a bell that doesn't sit well for some reason. I shall have to do some digging.

TBH, on local issues, the Labour lot have been an absolute shambles, spending an appalling amount on pointless things. Good god, I think it might have to be Tory, yes. How many Hail Mary's will I need after that?

KayHarkerDoesNotSimper Sun 31-May-09 23:10:12

Not voting Tory for the Euro elections. <<shudder>>

policywonk Sun 31-May-09 23:16:13

If the BNP stood a chance round your way I might urge you to vote Green (on the basis that it might be most effective to vote for whichever party is likely to finish neck-and-neck with the BNP), but it doesn't look as though they're going to be anywhere close. So go on, vote Tory. Live a little.

Who are you voting for in Euros then?

KayHarkerDoesNotSimper Sun 31-May-09 23:24:14

I'm going to vote for the Christian Party.

Anti-war, anti-trafficking, pro-life in the fullest sense, suits me down to the ground. Know they don't have a snowball's chance in a furnace, but for once I won't feel like I have to hold my nose when I vote.

Don't agree with them on every thing by any stretch, but on the things which make me cry when I put my x in the box, they leave me with a clear conscience. <<prepares for flaming>>

We have had a BNP councillor round here before. He got arrested for assault grin

policywonk Sun 31-May-09 23:31:41

Oh that's good - it's satisfying to vote for something you actually believe in.

ilovemydogandmrobama Sun 31-May-09 23:35:58

I can't vote, but probably wouldn't vote tactically, but with my heart.

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