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Andrew Gosden is there any news??????????

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Saint2shoes Sat 02-May-09 23:06:21

I often think of him and his family

Bonneville Sat 02-May-09 23:20:44

Yes I do too. Hope there is some good news soon.

Gillyan Sun 03-May-09 00:31:46

How weird, I was in a loo at a shopping centre today and saw a poster about him.

2shoes Sun 03-May-09 19:57:20

It must be hell for his family
he has to be somewhere

MaryBS Sun 03-May-09 20:09:10

I've checked my "sources", his dad posts on a board I'm on...

From 18 April:

"Update: 1. We are featured on a poster campaign with Missing People over the next couple of weeks.
2. We did an article with Mail on Sunday "You" magazine due out on 17th May.
3. We are visiting Whitby to hand out leaflets at the goth weekend next week.
4. Sky TV are planning a documentary with us for the summer.
5. I am emailing the gay scene in case Andrew felt he was gay.
Please continue to pray for us as it seems so long now and I am still very much struggling with depression.
Thanks one and all."

Then yesterday:

"Still no news....
There should be a feature in the Mail on Sunday "You" magazine on the 17th - it has a 5million circulation. I am soon to be filming a documentary with Sky TV which is aimed for the summer. I have emailed all the likely possible targets apart from the churches, I am hoping to work on that in the latter half of May and June. I am afraid after that I can think of no other strategy to find him other than walking down Oxford Street in my underpants carrying a large placard in the hope of getting on all the major news channels for a day."

I know he also did something, contacting schools across the country.

This is the group on FB, in case anyone is interested:

FB group

lankyesme Sun 03-May-09 21:31:33

Wierd, thinking about him today too... Hope he is ok, he is out there somewhere.

inscotland Sun 03-May-09 22:15:48

I have never heard of him but I hope he's safe. Are his parents posters on here - is that why you ask?

2shoes Sun 03-May-09 22:57:48

have they ever contacted Kerrang magazine?
I notice in one of his pics he is wearing a metal tshirt, am always suprised that there has been nothing in the Mag.

MaryBS Tue 05-May-09 07:17:25

I think an article was in Kerrang! when he first disappeared.

mamadiva Tue 05-May-09 07:39:17

I remember hearing about 5 minutes of info on him a few years ago possibly when he first went missing, it is very sad and must be horrible for his family

So sad that his dad has came to a stand still with no ideas but mainly without Andrew . His last post signifies a lot to me,

"I am afraid after that I can think of no other strategy to find him other than walking down Oxford Street in my underpants carrying a large placard in the hope of getting on all the major news channels for a day."

I wish he could get the exposure he so desperately needs which others are getting, and no I'm not having a dig I am just pointing it out, without having to fight for it! A missing child is just as important as any other no matter what age and surrounding circumstances.

My thoughts are with Andrew and his family and good luck to them, I do hope they find him safe and well. his fathers strength and determination are admirable

2shoes Tue 05-May-09 08:37:13

MaryBS thanks
shame they can't run it again as all the big festivals are comming up

MaryBS Tue 05-May-09 13:05:54

You seem more clued up than I - maybe post that comment on FB? Together with a list of the upcoming festivals?

2shoes Tue 05-May-09 22:07:44

oh I don't know when they are, ds gets kerrang and there are always loads in the summer.

MaryBS Thu 18-Jun-09 10:56:42

Kevin, Andrew's father, has just done an interview for the Sky Subscribers magazine. This has a huge circulation (although I don't read ours blush), so I hope and pray that has an impact and they hear some news

2shoes Thu 18-Jun-09 17:30:41

I hope they hear something soon, I can't imagine what it must be like for his parents and family

brendaAndEddie Thu 18-Jun-09 17:31:24

There is a poster in the corridor where i work

MaryBS Thu 25-Jun-09 20:16:36

This is the latest news from Kevin, Andrew's dad:

"The next publicity things are a series called "Missing Children: Lorraine Kelly Investigates" which will be aired on Sky Real Lives channel Aug.5th/12th/19th/26th & Sept.2nd. No times yet! The episode featuring Andrew is the 26th and includes an age progressed image they have done for us and a reconstruction of his last known movements. They filmed a fair bit at our church too!
The Sky subscribers magazine goes to about 8,000,000 people and has a feature on Andrew in a few weeks too.
Chat magazine are interviewing me soon too for an article (1,500,000 circulation) and including the age progressed images.
So prayer that one of these is finally seen by someone who knows something of what happened to our son all that time ago and volunteers that information is appreciated more than I can say."

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