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Most unfortunate names' revealed....this should probably be in baby names too.

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NormaLeighLucid Sun 01-Mar-09 21:48:44

muffled snigger

BarcodeZebra Sun 01-Mar-09 21:50:58

What? No Mike Hunt?

jkklpu Sun 01-Mar-09 21:53:30

my Dad used to work with someone called Dennis Ball

violethill Sun 01-Mar-09 22:24:38

PMSL at Jenny Taylor!

notquitenormal Sun 01-Mar-09 22:35:47

I work with an S. Hole, I always have a bit of a childish giggle every time I get an email from him (he never signs his full name, which isn't quite so silly.)

Stan Still is hilarious.

BettySwollux Sun 01-Mar-09 22:38:33

Dont get Jenny Taylor (?)but I have friends whose surname is Lamb, they had planned to call their DS1 Shaun until someone explained, also heard of Honor Wall and (this may be urban myth) Ophelia Butt.

Pristina Sun 01-Mar-09 22:41:32

I'm glad someone else has admitted they don't get Jenny Taylor- thought it was just me.

AnyFucker Sun 01-Mar-09 22:44:36


Jenny Taylor


BettySwollux Sun 01-Mar-09 23:00:56

Oohhh! Ha ha, thanks AnyFucker, can go to bed now and actually sleep without repeating jennytaylorjennytaylorjennytaylor. <dim emoticon> smile.

PenelopePitstops Sun 01-Mar-09 23:04:48

i know a jenny taylor and a joanne king, regularly called jo!

Pristina Mon 02-Mar-09 09:47:04

Actually I did go to sleep saying jennytaylor, jennytaylor and got there eventually!

stanausauruswrecks Mon 02-Mar-09 12:55:55

I know an R. Stickler...

NormaLeighLucid Tue 03-Mar-09 09:19:44

Posted this some where on here before but I know of a Roger Mashitter.

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