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What do you think about the Kercher/Knox murder trial?

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Kathyis6incheshigh Fri 13-Feb-09 14:40:12

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I find it hard to believe she did it - seems very trumped up. So much of the evidence seems to be to do with Knox not behaving 'appropriately', but how would you behave if something so shocking happened as the murder of your flatmate? I can imagine it taking a while to sink in.

WobblyPig Fri 13-Feb-09 18:41:47

She irritates me for no good reason. Your opinion on these things is always influenced by your gut reaction. I am ashamed to say that I want her to be guilty and to be convicted because she doesn't show appropriate behaviour - not a good reason but I think that most people make similar judgements all the time in these cases. I would be a rubbish juror.

I also find it hard to believe she had anything to do with it. Its almost like some uptight, right-wing judges/police want her to be punished for her being a floozy (in their eyes).

Janos Fri 13-Feb-09 19:37:39

Why do people find it hard to believe she (I'm guessing you mean Amanda Knox) had anything to do with it?

I don't like the coverage of this trial, I think it's being sensationalised.

wintera Fri 13-Feb-09 20:16:26

Yes it is sensationalised. I hate all this Foxy Knoxy stuff. Its a friggin murder trial FFS!

There is something creepy about her boyfriend though. I definitely think he had something to do with it.

expatinscotland Fri 13-Feb-09 20:18:46

IMO, she and her little boyfriend are guilty as sin. It's just too bad if she's found guilty she'll spend time in a cushy Italian jail and not be extradicted back to her home state of Washington to spend it in a real prison surrounded by junkies and psychos.

I find it disgusting that the focus of this trial has been taken away from Miss Kercher and the truly horrific way she left this world and foisted instead on this weirdo Knox.

Tinker Fri 13-Feb-09 20:19:33

Agree with inappropriate media coverage but if she didn't have anything to do with it, who did it? The guy who has already been jailed? Him alone? Don't know what to think but it's very unlikely either of them with get a fair trial.

Kathyis6incheshigh Fri 13-Feb-09 20:31:14

"Why do people find it hard to believe she (I'm guessing you mean Amanda Knox) had anything to do with it?"

Perhaps because it is so rare for a young woman to be involved in a violent crime of that degree - though thinking about it, increasingly we hear about drunk girls in this country attacking people in a way that used to be seen as the province of men. But it also seems to be quite rare for a murderer to have no previous history of violence, and they don't seem to have come up with anything in Knox's case. If the evidence against her was stronger of course we'd have to believe it, but much of it seems pretty weak (a statement made when she had no legal representative present, her demeanour at certain points, etc). Based on what's been reported in the press it's difficult to know either way.

Showmeheaven Fri 13-Feb-09 21:19:39

She smiles, laughs and flirts her way through court appearances - she seems to revel in the attention.

I think her behaviour after the murder is highly significant. Kissing & fooling around with your boyfriend with a couldn't-care-less attitude after a brutally shocking murder is not normal behaviour shock

I don't know if she's guilty or not but there is definately something badly lacking in that girl's judgement.

Janos Fri 13-Feb-09 21:36:49

"I find it disgusting that the focus of this trial has been taken away from Miss Kercher and the truly horrific way she left this world and foisted instead on this weirdo Knox."

I completely agree. How must Meredith Kercher's parents feel? It's disgusting.

I think there is an element of people thinking an attractive young girl from a nice background couldn't possibly have done something 'like that'.

Intersting article here from BBC News:

Italy focuses on 'Foxy Knoxy'

slim22 Sun 15-Feb-09 00:54:30

maybe she did not actually hold the knife but guilty as charged.
What next if she gets away with this?

tigerdriver Sun 15-Feb-09 01:01:57

Meredith Kercher's parent must be going through hell.

But how old is Amanda Knox? Is her behaviour that weird (if she is innocent)? How would you behave if your flatmate had been murdered?

There is no protocol for how you behave in these circs.

There is a media circus though. I have no idea who is right and who is wrong, but gut feeling and how they look probably dont get us very far here

Showmeheaven Sun 15-Feb-09 01:03:55

As she's not the shy & retiring type I guess media stardom would be high on her agenda - she's already making a movie in prison!

lunamoon2 Sun 15-Feb-09 17:52:02

I find the whole media circus thing to be of poor taste.
Someone has already been convicted of the murder, ok she could have played a part along with her boyfriend, but he is not receiving the same bad press as she has.
I think it is down to the old "women are expected to behave themselves" senario.
It reported in the mail that she had to justify to the cour why she had a vibrator wtf?????
Ok so there is obviously a connection there between owning a vibrator and being a murderer!

Ronaldinhio Sun 15-Feb-09 18:01:13

The difficulty is that everyone wants to find a solution
Odd behaviour is often seen as a sign of guilt and acted upon wrongly...see Stagg/ George et al
I'd love to know what actual physical evidence they have on her
The actus reus and mens rea exhibited for a murder charge?

The case seems to be based around
Dead body found
Room mate seems odd
Case closed lets make it the roomie

cocolepew Sun 15-Feb-09 18:05:31

I agree with expat, I think she's guilty. I feel sorry for her parents as well. I watched an interview with them and they were devastated, they seemed shocked at her behaviour as well.

cory Sun 15-Feb-09 22:15:52

For the evidence, it seems that she has given contradictory stories as to where she was at the time of the murder. Also, police claim to have found her DNA on the suspected murder weapon in the murderer's flat.

WinkyWinkola Sun 15-Feb-09 23:08:15

I don't know whether she did it or not but her constant smiling and flirty nature in and out of court makes me think she's crackers, as if she thinks she's not really in deep sh*t.

Are Italian jails cushy?

bagsforlife Mon 16-Feb-09 10:27:25

Knox sounds to be like a clean cut American kid on a year out in 'debauched' Europe who has flipped her lid in her new found freedom, with freely available alcohol, drugs and sex.

Whether she did it or not remains to be proved but I think her parents are in denial as to the sort of life she was leading in Italy. But I could be wrong.

bagsforlife Mon 16-Feb-09 10:30:42

Also, I may be being really stupid here, but wouldn't the person already convicted of Kercher's murder have said whether the other two were involved? Or has he said, but the evidence is not allowed to be used in prosecution case?

CatchaStar Mon 16-Feb-09 10:39:13

Don't know who I think did it, I find the whole case very odd.

LouMacca Mon 16-Feb-09 11:26:03

bagsforlife - i read that he has implacated them. i read that he confirmed that Knox had opened the door on his arrival. will try and find a link.

also Knox and her boyfriend are no longer an item. he is referred to as her ex-boyfriend in the press.

bagsforlife Mon 16-Feb-09 11:46:25

I think boyfriend is desperately trying to distance himself from Knox.

Having a DD who has just spent a year at university in the USA, my eyes (and hers)have been opened to the behaviour of young people in the USA. It is very different culturally to Europe, no drinking (legally) til 21 so they can tend to go beserk when any alcohol around and also quite puritanical generally about other things.

(Also having a DD the same age, I feel so desperately sorry for all the parents involved and do feel a bit guilty discussing it on a forum. After all it's their children)

muffle Mon 16-Feb-09 11:56:44

It's an odd case isn't it. I can't understand her at all. Your flatmate's been horribly murdered - whether you'd done it, or whether you hadn't, you would not laugh and flirt and jape around. You'd be terrified either way, surely?

I agree the only way to convict her is evidence (and as for DNA on the murder weapon - she lived there, surely her DNA was on things like carpets and knives, that seems obvious...)

But there is such as thing as a hunch that you get from people acting oddly - I remember seeing Ian Huntley interviewed on telly when the Soham girls were still missing - I immediately thought "something is not right at all here" - it was all over his face that something was very, very wrong, and it really made the hairs stand up on my neck. Instincts can be right - of course they have to be proved right but I'm sure they play a large part in police work.

expatinscotland Mon 16-Feb-09 12:03:07

Knox just sounds like your typical Seattle kid.

Even been there?

It's a strange place.

Lottsa drugs.

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