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Another tsunami? 8.7 earthquake...

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sansouci Mon 28-Mar-05 22:10:55

In Sumatra, I think. Anyone know anything more?

tillykins Mon 28-Mar-05 22:11:21

Think they are calling off the tsunami warnings

sansouci Mon 28-Mar-05 22:12:21

Message withdrawn

Beetroot Mon 28-Mar-05 22:12:27

Message withdrawn

sansouci Mon 28-Mar-05 22:47:29

Hope your dh is fine & will be on his way home soon, Beetroot. Haven't found out anything more about this earthquake but there will certainly be news tomorrow. Hoping (foolishly?) lives were not lost!

Beetroot Mon 28-Mar-05 22:50:05

Message withdrawn

sansouci Mon 28-Mar-05 22:55:08

Yikes. My dh was in Bangkok & Singapore a few weeks ago. Ticking natural timebomb...

Beetroot Mon 28-Mar-05 22:55:27

Message withdrawn

MABS Tue 29-Mar-05 17:56:48

sounds so trivial in view of the bigger picture but, would you go to Thailand at the moment. Am due to be in Bkk and then Hua Hin at the weekend for 2 weeks. Just having a major 'wobble' today about whether I can possibly put my kids in ANY sort of known danger. Anyone has any feelings on this?

sarahinphuket Wed 30-Mar-05 03:16:26

I think you'll be fine.

You're more likely to get hit crossing the road.

Nathanmum Wed 30-Mar-05 03:33:11

I think there are more positives to taking them than negatives about 'dangers'. Enjoy your trip!

lou33 Wed 30-Mar-05 12:52:39

i would still go.

MABS Wed 30-Mar-05 21:17:10

thanks girls, still very 'wobbly' to be honest.

lou33 Wed 30-Mar-05 21:25:59

you know i was there during the first one mabs, and went back alone later on. I would still take mine back

MABS Wed 30-Mar-05 21:28:48

thanks Lou, i appreciate your input. Thing is, coz of Dh's job, we can change our travel plans right til last moment at no cost. Would you still go?

lou33 Wed 30-Mar-05 21:30:38

wouldn't hesitate, seriously. I would take them back tomorrow if i could. Would rather holiday alone, but you can't have it all!

MABS Wed 30-Mar-05 21:31:33

yeah , know what you mean!!! Thanks Lou

lou33 Wed 30-Mar-05 21:33:23

there is a netter who lives in phuket , did you know? She is lovely.

sarahinphuket Thu 31-Mar-05 03:42:58

aw lou you're making me blush,

no seriously MABS you should come. As Lou said I live in Phuket and it's OK. Yes. The tsunami came and that was indescribable. Yes, there was another earthquake on monday and I was pretty scared that another tsunami might be on the way = but nothing happened.

Thailand is suffering enough at the moment without all the tourists cancelling their bookings!

Are you worried about a tsunami or an earthquake?

If you are worried about a tsunami when you are in Hua Hin, well HH is on the east coast - on the Gulf of Thailand side and so I would think it is pretty well protected. All of the damage from the previous tsunami was on the west coast. The east coast wasn't affected at all.

As for earthquakes well yes they do happen......and there is always some sort of a risk. I felt the one on Monday and the one on Boxing day. I have never, in my 8 years here, felt any others.

Please do come. Thailand is a beautiful country with beautiful people. This is the fourth year in a row that something has happened to affect tourism (Bali bombing, SARS, bird flu, tsunami).

If you want to CAT me please do. I'm not supposed to be using MN anymore because I'm studying for a Masters, but after the quake on Monday I sneaked in to post. I do lurk sometimes though <lurk lurk>

MABS Thu 31-Mar-05 07:45:25

Many thanks Sara and Lou, will keep you posted

lou33 Thu 31-Mar-05 13:48:07

Ok ,i'm sorry i didn't mean it, you are a toothless old hag and you kicked sand in my face when we met

Mabs, hope we have helped in some way to put your mind at rest. But if you don't go, can i take your place?!

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