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A really, really bad baby name

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ninedragons Thu 18-Dec-08 04:03:00

I think we could get 100% consensus on the baby name topic with little Adolph Hitler Campbell

Fuck me, some kids don't stand a chance in life with the parents they have.

SuperBunny Thu 18-Dec-08 04:07:29

Oh dear

SuperBunny Thu 18-Dec-08 04:11:11

It's not just the name, it's what they wanted putting on a birthday cake. A three year old's cake angry

ninedragons Thu 18-Dec-08 04:18:24

I read an interview with the sad excuse for a father in another paper. He was saying he wasn't racist, but that he didn't believe the races should intermingle. It's kind of ironic that the only word to describe someone with children called Adolph Hitler and Aryan Nation denying that he's racist is "chutzpah".

JacksFirstChristmasMama Thu 18-Dec-08 04:19:35

Please, please tell me they live in an alternate universe... I cannot believe any parents today would do that to a child.
Did you see the other children's names?? Something-something Aryan Nation Campbell???????????


nooka Thu 18-Dec-08 06:07:46

The third kid's name (Honszlynn Hinler) is apparently a well known pseudonym for Himler too. Poor kids

AliceTheCamelHasGotTheHump Thu 18-Dec-08 06:51:10

That's so sad.

RaspberryBlower Thu 18-Dec-08 07:03:17

Glad the supermarket wouldn't decorate the cake. But did the article say Walmart did? That's Asda in another disguise I think. I can't believe this, how awful!

SuperBunny Thu 18-Dec-08 19:58:42

I'm concerned that Walmart did it. I refuse to shop there for other reasons but I'd be appalled if they put a swastika on a birthday cake. I really can't imagine anyone actually requesting that.

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