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British Steel in Administration, poor Scunthorpe.

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TheQueef Wed 22-May-19 11:48:24

No bailout from the government or re nationalisation.
4000 steel work jobs going plus all the knock on raise the potential job loss to 25000.
We know what happens when employers go under but this will be concentrated to a small area.

Sad news.

prampushingdownthehighst Wed 22-May-19 12:22:59

Very sad for the workers and another nail in the coffin for British manufacturing.

letsdolunch321 Wed 22-May-19 13:25:37

Very sad times ☹️

QuantamBaby Wed 22-May-19 13:35:18

Terrible - all those workers and their families now having to fight over the few remaining jobs in the area.

thanks for anybody badly affected by this

TheQueef Wed 22-May-19 14:31:10

I live in an ex pit village that still suffers the loss some thirty years later.
Surrounding villages and areas are the same.
I'm really sad that knowing what impact it will have and knowing BS is in profit, just the brexit stockpile causing an issue the government did not help. Another town chucked on the scrap heap.

Lunaballoon Wed 22-May-19 18:44:07

What did our PM-in-waiting say about British industry concerns about Brexit a while back? F*ck business

Upzadaizy Wed 22-May-19 18:53:47

And Scunthorpe votes Leave.

However, in spite of that - interesting, isn’t it, that it was OK to nationalise several banks in order to bail out the banks. Taxpayers bailed out the bankers (or the word that rhymes with “bankers”).

But not to bail out working people. Oh no, can’t possibly nationalise an industry which actually produces stuff. Oh no no no. That would be big government.

DrCoconut Wed 22-May-19 19:05:24

Lots and lots of people here are facing the dole queue. It's bad. Probably the worst crisis our town has faced in years. Love it or hate it the steelworks is the beating heart of the place and has been for generations. There is nothing left without it. The area as a whole voted leave and people are currently blaming the EU for the problem.

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