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Jamboree05 Thu 22-Feb-18 10:22:05

I apologise as this is more of a rant than anything else. I'm just so bloody cross.

How can anyone think this is a good idea?

My newsfeed today is full of articles relating to the tragic Florida shooting and the 'great ideas' that Trump and his cronies are coming up with to combat gun crime.

There are comments all over these news articles defending guns and saying America doesn't have a gun control problem.

Am I living on another planet? Or do I just have my head in the shed?

More guns to combat guns.


SmurfOrTerf Fri 23-Feb-18 00:22:28

I was fucking livid. Watching the people in the room with Trump, all of them had lost someone in school shootings.
A young man who lost his best friend - last week.
A mother from Sandy Hook
A father
My language was far worse than yours

and the solution to gun crime is
of course it is

I thought that was bad

Then we saw the NRA man

fucking hell

SmurfOrTerf Fri 23-Feb-18 00:36:55

And then I felt like I was a total hypocrite

because if I lived in the WONDERFUL USA

I think I might well go out and get a gun and shoot Trump & Mr NRA

BettyCatLover Fri 23-Feb-18 00:42:34

It's fucking batshit. What in insult to all those affected by this sad

Jamboree05 Fri 23-Feb-18 07:00:16

Christ- I saw the video of that young chap smurf. Completely heart breaking.

I just wonder if anything positive will come of any of this. The NRA is so incredibly entrenched in congress that I don't see how gun laws will ever change.

And, as a teacher in the UK, I cannot even begin to imagine someone putting a firearm in my hand and telling me to shoot to kill if necessary to defend my students. What on earth is this world coming to when measures such as this are fucking necessary? These are educators, not members of the fucking army. I just... uch. There are no words.

Betty, absolutely batshit. Sometimes I just want off this fucking planet.

TheHammaconda Fri 23-Feb-18 07:18:26

There was an armed law enforcement officer in that school. He didn't stop the shooting.
Chris Kyle, the US Navy SEAL who American Sniper was about, was armed at a shooting range when he and an armed friend were shot. He must have been about as 'elite' as it gets concerning guns and he was still shot dead before he had the chance to unholster his pistol.
How many shootings have taken place on military bases, where the 'bad guy' with a gun was surrounded by 'good guys' with guns?

How can anyone look to what has happened and consider the solution to be to increase the number of fucking guns?

TheDowagerCuntess Fri 23-Feb-18 07:32:04

Wayne LaPierre is a terrorist.

Jamboree05 Fri 23-Feb-18 07:37:01

Could not have said that better myself thehammaconda. History shows what works and what doesn't when it comes to firearms. Not that anybody wants to take any notice- the large NRA donations will dry up if they do...

Maybe we should all team up and run for presidency. We've clearly got more bloody common sense than the current one...

Jamboree05 Fri 23-Feb-18 07:40:39

That he is... and a dangerous one.

Only yesterday recorded as saying "gun control advocates exploiting Florida tragedy."

I reiterate my thread title...


RosiePosiePuddle Fri 23-Feb-18 09:10:01

I thought it was so shocking to watch that press conference and see trump actually talking about giving teachers guns in front of parents whose kids had been shot. It is a parallel universe.

Today i saw the headline that trump wants to give teachers who carry guns or are prepared to use them bonuses. Throw money at the problem that way. There are no words to describe it.ĺ

TheDowagerCuntess Fri 23-Feb-18 09:26:40

Americans think arming teachers is normal and reasonable.

SmurfOrTerf Fri 23-Feb-18 09:36:22

Chris Kyle - American Sniper was shot dead by his friend.
His friend was depressed and Kyle thought the solution to his depression was to take him to a shooting range.

I hope the school teachers all refuse to have guns.

And as for Trumps crib sheet

I hear ya

No - you have stuck your fingers in your ears and gone
la la la

Spudina Fri 23-Feb-18 09:45:07

The crib sheet got me. Written by someone else to instruct Trump on how to talk to other human beings. Is that what things have come to? And Betsy D's smug face whilst people were telling their heartbreaking stories. Despicable human beings both of them. Literally being funded by the NRA whilst children are murdered. I hope the Republicans take a battering in the elections.

meddie Fri 23-Feb-18 09:57:13

So now a mass shooter doesnt even need to source a gun. He just has to take the one the teacher is conveniently carrying. How can any sane person think this is the answer. Why should a teacher be expected to take part in a shoot out with an armed school shooter. They are their to educate and do their job, not risk their lives.
Why would you even want the presence of a weapon in a classroom. Its not locked away if the teacher is carrying it. what if they mislay it or its taken from them.

SmurfOrTerf Fri 23-Feb-18 13:30:52

So it turns out there was an armed policeman at the scene
He stated outside so the nasty boy wouldn't shoot him

He has just resigned

This has just been on Sky news

SmurfOrTerf Fri 23-Feb-18 13:38:07

stayed not stated blush

FairfaxAikman Fri 23-Feb-18 13:39:33

Gun culture is very entrenched in America but it's infuriating that they won't even consider a compromise?
You could reduce the right to bear arms to two-cartridge shotguns for example (with background checks of course) - impossible to conceal and, due to the need to reload more often than a semi-automatic, less scope for fatalities.
There is an argument for shotguns as tools, but NO ONE needs a weapon that can kill dozens of people in just a few seconds.

OhYouBadBadKitten Fri 23-Feb-18 13:40:29

FFS is right, They are trying to drown out the voices of the young people who survived. Their attempts to discredit the youngsters are truly vile and horrifying.

GladAllOver Fri 23-Feb-18 13:44:38

The US is just gun crazy. I have stopped going there.

JennyOnAPlate Fri 23-Feb-18 13:44:56

Absolutely fucking batshit.

Can you imagine sending your child off to school where there is a gun in the classroom?? The very thought makes me so angry.

StealthPolarBear Fri 23-Feb-18 13:45:44

I knew exactly what this was about before opening the thread.
Also, if the security guy had gone in wasn't he effectively committing suicide as soon as the police turned up?

TheDowagerCuntess Fri 23-Feb-18 18:26:24

Any gunman over the age of 18, which let's face it, is all(??) of them, is going to be able to physically overpower a female teacher, even before he starts showering bullets.

These right wing nut jobs accusing teen survivors of being 'crisis actors' whilst being nothing more than NRA puppets themselves, defies belief.

Just saw this...

Shark attacks at record high

Australia: let's put nets out to keep bathers safe

USA: everybody gets a shark to protect you from other sharks

Yes - America - you are the laughing stock of the world 🙄

SmurfOrTerf Sat 24-Feb-18 23:12:51

Now companies are boycotting the NRA
But I didn't know if you are a member you got discount everywhere shock airlines, car rentals etc
and now the TV companies are saying they won't continue to show NRA TV

Total bollocks

OhYouBadBadKitten Sat 24-Feb-18 23:19:43

I'm astonished at how many discounts they managed to negotiate. No wonder they are refusing to go down without a fight, what a privileged position they have been in.

nancy75 Sat 24-Feb-18 23:27:07

America’s problems go deeper than the ability to buy guns. Switzerland has a high level of gun ownership, they have had 3 mass shootings in the past 100 years, America has had more in the past 100 days. What makes Americans so much more likely to kill than the Swiss?

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