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Carrie in the Sunday Herald (and some intriguing hints about what might be in the next Labour manifesto re childcare/early years)

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GillW Mon 17-May-04 14:55:41

Did anyone else spot this: Mumsnet's Carrie mentioned in the Sunday Herald this weekend?

Interesting article actually. I love this bit about what's going on in Australia: "There should be one kid for dad, one for mom, one for the country and one for others who are not even replicating themselves, according to Peter Costello, Australia’s finance minister. Explaining a budget last week packed with incentives for his countryfolk to make more babies, he instructed journalists, with customary Aussie bluntness: “Go home and do your patriotic duty tonight.” " Anyone from the down-under contingent care to enlighten us what these wonderful incentives are?

I'd missed that bit from Stephen Byers about transferrable tax allowances for 2 years after birth too. Could be an interesting option if they really do put that in the next manifesto.

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