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This plane that was escorted into Manchester airport

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IwishIwasmoreorganised Tue 05-Aug-14 21:56:55

BBC link

Forgive my ignorance, but what was the purpose of the military jet? How could it have helped?

The3Bears Tue 05-Aug-14 22:00:56

Apparently to shoot the plane down had there been a bomb on it, over somewhere quiet or the sea.

Arion Tue 05-Aug-14 22:01:49

I would imagine it is there to shoot the plane down if it posed a threat (like the 9/11 planes were used as weapons).

The3Bears Tue 05-Aug-14 22:02:05

This is what I was told so hope I'm correct, I actually saw the plane and jet as live v near Manchester airport.

IwishIwasmoreorganised Tue 05-Aug-14 22:02:26

Ah, they'd have instructed the pilot to ch age the route to a less populated area?


QueenOfThorns Tue 05-Aug-14 22:06:31

Yes, I always assumed it was to shoot them down if they had no choice sad

I saw/heard it, too. I was trying to get DD out of the car into the house without waking her up and had to wait until it had gone. Very, very loud and a bit scary because the clouds were thick and I didn't see the jet for a while. It must have gone right over me at one point.

moldingsunbeams Tue 05-Aug-14 22:06:51

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

moldingsunbeams Tue 05-Aug-14 22:08:54

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

The3Bears Tue 05-Aug-14 22:09:25

I have to admit I'm so glad we've already been on our annual summer holiday in June as with all these plane stories on the news there is no way I could get on one atm (already scared of flying anyway) sad

littleducks Tue 05-Aug-14 22:10:43

All very worrying recently. I'm still concerned that they don't know where that Malaysia Airways plane is either.

edamsavestheday Tue 05-Aug-14 22:12:16

Who the hell makes that shit up, if it was a hoax? It says the pilot was passed a note. Beyond belief. (Although there are few details so far, to be fair.)

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