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Do you own a potentially dangerous Bosch dishwasher?

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KristinaM Fri 15-Mar-13 23:10:54

A batch of 632,000 sold between 1999 and 2005 has a fault which, in some circumstances, can cause fire.

A product alert was issued in July 2011, yet today ITV News is reporting that 478,940 remain unaccounted for.

That means only around 25% of the dishwashers have been traced, despite the voluntary efforts of Bosch. The firm placed adverts, sent 850,000 letters and phoned 140,000 customers.

They can repair faulty washers for free, taking about an hour. You can check the serial number of your own appliance here

Bearandcub Fri 15-Mar-13 23:39:28

Ooh will get MIL to check in the morning.

How kind to share, thank you.

PuggyMum Fri 15-Mar-13 23:42:14

We have 2! One that we use and one in the garage as mil donated it as she had a new kitchen.
We've had ours seen to by Bosch. Fairly quick as I recall. We only knew as mil told us as ours was in the house when we bought it.

Great to highlight op!

louisianablue2000 Fri 15-Mar-13 23:50:04

Just checked, thankfully not in an affected batch.

Details here: Bosch recall

edam Sat 16-Mar-13 00:24:08

I'm quite glad my Bosch dishwasher broke down now...

ReneandGeorgetteMagritte Sat 16-Mar-13 00:29:59

we have one of these- they sent someone out the next day to do a very quick change of the problem part.

that's a lot still unaccounted for...

KristinaM Sat 16-Mar-13 11:26:34

Good to know that they come out quickly to fix it

KristinaM Sat 16-Mar-13 20:46:25


Lucyellensmum95 Sat 16-Mar-13 20:54:03

Gosh - mine is just outside the batch numbers, scary especially as i have fixed it myself a few times blush

AMumInScotland Sat 16-Mar-13 21:00:43

I'll have a look in a minute - it's running at the moment and the info is on the inside somewhere...

MrsKwazii Thu 21-Mar-13 14:47:37

Just bumping this as I've got a dishwasher in the potentially faulty range and have just given Bosch a call - a friend told me she'd seen it on the news and to check my machine out. Good job she did! Have the (free) engineer booked for next week, the repair should only take an hour apparently.

MrsKwazii Thu 21-Mar-13 19:31:58

Bumping again for the evening crowd - and to add, I've been told by Bosch that I can carry on using the dishwasher as long as I'm around while it's in use. They warned me not to put it on and go out, or go to bed.

AngiBolen Thu 21-Mar-13 19:33:59

I got the letter, and mine is OK, apparently.

MrsKwazii Thu 21-Mar-13 21:34:42

No letter here as we were given our dishwasher by a relative when they redid their kitchen. Don't know if they got a letter, but we may not have found out otherwise. Rather worrying.

Ponders Thu 21-Mar-13 21:42:01

thanks for the heads-up, OP - just checked mine & it's got a slightly higher serial number so assume it's ok? confused

dishwashers have always been a bit iffy, because the wires have to pass through the place where the door is hinged, so they get squashed on a regular basis...

ChasingSquirrels Thu 21-Mar-13 21:44:08

my friend had a kitchen fire caused by a faulty dishwasher about 6 weeks ago, my mum mentioned this Bosch fault today - no idea if friend's was a Bosch, but the fire was pretty bad.

I would urge anyone who had a Bosch to check out the serial no's.

23balloons Thu 21-Mar-13 22:39:21

Thank you for this. I have a Bosch but can't find the serial number. I don't have a sticker but will call anyway.

Pls keep bumping!

Bunbaker Thu 21-Mar-13 22:47:39

Thank you so much for highlighting this. Ours falls within the range being recalled. Will contact Bosch tomorrow.

Mumsnet is brilliant!

LondonNinja Thu 21-Mar-13 22:51:25

Bloody hell. I am in that dodgy batch. Thank you so much. thanks

Ponders Thu 21-Mar-13 22:52:46

23balloons, on mine the serial no etc is printed, very faintly, just inside the top of the door when you open it - there's a Calgon (or something) sticker on the L, & a service phone number sticker on the R, & in between are the model details (you have to get the light at the right angle)

LondonNinja Thu 21-Mar-13 22:56:22

Yes, it's tricky to see. Mine was towards the left, near to where the smooth metal edges curve at 90 degrees (near to you as opposed to near to the inside of the machine).

LondonNinja Thu 21-Mar-13 23:00:19

This is where to look (scroll down for pic)

KristinaM Thu 21-Mar-13 23:26:14


BertieBotts Thu 21-Mar-13 23:29:58

Oh god, really Ponders? shock Mine is ancient - not Bosch, though. I got it from Ebay and it looked like it had been sat in someone's garage for years when we got it.

Welovegrapes Fri 22-Mar-13 00:02:43

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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