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Argh - I'M in the news - the Daily Mail Online!!!

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DillyTante Fri 28-Dec-12 10:41:42

So, a couple of months ago I did a short phone interview on Radio 4, about my yarn bombing.

I didn't realise until today that the Daily Mail Online have basically cribbed the interview and made it seem like I spoke to them!!! Ok, so they've linked to my blog so I should be grateful, but doesn't this seem like cheap journalism? Plus, I don't endorse the Daily Mail at all.

I want to show you all but don't want to link. Isn't there a way that you can link to a site without it showing on their stats?

claig Thu 03-Jan-13 23:10:21

edam, I agree that the Mail is not perfect, but it is the voice of the people, it says what millions really think of the cant, hypocrisy and lies that we are fed by the powerful elites in their ivory towers. It pricks their bubble and makes teh public laugh. That's why Littlejohn is reputedly paid about £1 million per year, because he is capable of giving voice to what the people really think on the gritty ground below, way beneath the gleaming ivory towers paid for by the people.

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