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The Daily Mail makes a very interesting comparison between Ryan Giggs and Hugh Bonneville.

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desperatelyseekingsnoozes Sun 08-May-11 12:09:17

I think they may be hinting at something but I am not sure what. grin

desperatelyseekingsnoozes Sun 08-May-11 12:10:16

Article here I cannot think they you cannot add commments

5318008 Sun 08-May-11 12:13:09

ooooh I say, that's skating very close to something or other innit

grin grin

megcleary Sun 08-May-11 12:21:35

raised my eyebrow!

clam Sun 08-May-11 12:26:15

Oh, and the link's been pulled! What a shock!

Famouslastwords Sun 08-May-11 12:28:18

Ooh what did it say?! Can't imagine why they would want to link the two of them! grin

ChristinedePizan Sun 08-May-11 12:30:56

It's still there if you google it. They must have moved it

HazeltheMcWitch Sun 08-May-11 12:35:34


A special mention to the caption of the first pic - with true love in quite marks.

And the closing paragraph - look that that!!!

clam Sun 08-May-11 12:35:40

Scroll down and it says "sorry, we are unable to accept comments for legal reasons! "

HazeltheMcWitch Sun 08-May-11 12:36:23

quite QUOTE.

Well, inverted commas actually, which is even worse!

desperatelyseekingsnoozes Sun 08-May-11 12:42:46

I missed the marks around "true love"


jackstarb Sun 08-May-11 12:43:18

Quite clever really - I think they put the entire legal department a lot of work into it. grin.

NettoSuperstar Sun 08-May-11 12:46:02

Love itgrin

forehead Sun 08-May-11 12:53:28


Famouslastwords Sun 08-May-11 20:32:25

Love the Ryan Giggs 'family man' quote at the end and the no comments for legal reasons!
Thanks for the link Hazel!

stoppingat3 Sun 08-May-11 21:37:16

Love it :-)

ohmyfucksy Sun 08-May-11 21:40:40


He is hot though, loads of women fancy him

OldMumsy Sun 08-May-11 21:46:08


anonacfr Sun 08-May-11 21:52:06


lalalonglegs Sun 08-May-11 22:03:20

Daily Mail, all is forgiven grin

katz Sun 08-May-11 22:04:41

was going to post the same thread -saw this is morning and thought hmm

wasabipeanut Sun 08-May-11 22:07:03

Ouch. All will out - Ian Hislop needs to get involved!

jackstarb Sun 08-May-11 22:51:39

Looks like I might need buy check out the Mail tomorrow to read a totally unrelated story about what the Twitter peeps have been up to this evening.wink
Front Page News

HazeltheMcWitch Sun 08-May-11 22:59:47

Pssst - over HERE

Greythorne Mon 09-May-11 13:14:17

How did you do that link to a page that had been removed??

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