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Is Prince William too young to marry

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undercovermum Sat 08-Oct-05 22:37:53

I have just read an article in the (ok I know most you hate it) Daily Mail saying that Prince William is about to dump that Kate one. I think that he is far too young to marry. What do you think?

spookylucy Sat 08-Oct-05 22:39:03

I dont care!

soapbox Sat 08-Oct-05 22:39:27

Yes I think he is.

That doesn't mean that he and Kate can't keep their relationship going and see where the passage of a few more years takes them!

LIZS Sat 08-Oct-05 22:39:27

We married at 23

BaronessMarsLady Sat 08-Oct-05 22:39:58

None of my girls are old enough to be the future Queen of England yet... so yes! He's too young!

JoolsToo Sat 08-Oct-05 22:41:03

if he's in love - no

expatinscotland Sat 08-Oct-05 22:42:37

What's he got to lose? All his family have bollocked up their marriages and still managed to keep their public images in the clear, don't see how it'd be different for Wills.

Still find Harry more fanciable, however.

ScreamEagle Sat 08-Oct-05 22:43:44


jessicaandbumpsmummy Sat 08-Oct-05 22:44:29

he's the same age as me - im married with a baby and another on the way!

hunkerpumpkin Sat 08-Oct-05 22:44:36

But what I want to know is if he got married now, would she be a SAHM?

expatinscotland Sat 08-Oct-05 22:46:50

Would she bf? If so, for how long?

Would she go for a 'quiet' birth ?

JoolsToo Sat 08-Oct-05 22:50:02

would she join mumsnet?

LIZS Sat 08-Oct-05 22:51:22

Washing her cloth nappies !

BaronessMarsLady Sat 08-Oct-05 22:51:38

would she choose a posh or a halloween name?

hunkerpumpkin Sat 08-Oct-05 22:52:27

Oh, is it Hallowe'en soon?

JoolsToo Sat 08-Oct-05 22:53:07

whooooooooooooo aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

undercovermum Sat 08-Oct-05 22:58:01

Fair Nuff. I don't really care either but apparently the media have been hounding her. But with no mention of whatever she did at university, perhaps she wants to be a Doctor. Poor Girl.

hocuspocusdiplodocus Sat 08-Oct-05 22:58:46

He is definitely too young to marry.

soapbox Sat 08-Oct-05 22:59:18

Emmm - she did history of art!

spidermama Sat 08-Oct-05 23:01:14

I married at 23. I didn't feel it was particularly young.

LIZS Sat 08-Oct-05 23:03:59

What do you do with a History of Art degree ? Museum work, gallery, auction house or what ?

soapbox Sat 08-Oct-05 23:05:07

Yes - I think she is looking for gallery type work.

But certainly not a doctor!!!!

Tortington Sun 09-Oct-05 02:36:05

she could do a PGCE and become a teacher!

WendyWeber Sat 14-Jul-07 20:44:45

Is this a good one to resurrect?

beansprout Sat 14-Jul-07 20:45:25

Are they back on or not? I heard that they were?!

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