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Question to people working in child protection

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LaBette001 Fri 12-Jun-15 21:30:39

I'm disturbed by stories in the press of children being abused.
I'd like to do something to support those children. The most direct thing I can think of is maybe raising money for people working in child protection.
Have you ever encountered this? Can you imagine a way that lay people could support you? What would help you? If I'm way off the mark are there charities that you rely on who have a genuine impact?

onepieceoflollipop Fri 12-Jun-15 21:35:40

How about supporting the charity the NSPCC.
I don't work in cp, but child protection/safeguarding services are part of local government, so not sure if raising money for them would work?

MumSnotBU Fri 12-Jun-15 21:36:39

Children's society also works in this area.

LaBette001 Fri 12-Jun-15 21:39:31

Yes also Kids Co is a good option.

I guess I just wondered whether it would be feasible to raise a pot of money to donate to a local authority for child protection?
Might be a bats thought and if so would happily raise for a charity but thought maybe there could be a more direct way.

90sRevival Fri 12-Jun-15 21:40:04

Volunteer or do a sponsored event for a children's charity? There are many parts of services in the voluntary sector that are run by volunteers e.g. helplines and websites that are run by volunteers.

The NSPCC and Barnardos spring to mind, but their will also be smaller local charities in your area I am sure.

LaBette001 Fri 12-Jun-15 21:42:16

Thankyou One, Mum and 90s :-)

prettybird Fri 12-Jun-15 21:42:30

If you're in Scotland, it would be Children 1st, rather than NSPCC. Another charity supporting children is Quarriers.

LaBette001 Fri 12-Jun-15 21:43:52

Thanks Prettybird. I'm in South East London

nozzernoodles Fri 12-Jun-15 21:45:17

There are many services that work in the child protection field and it will depend where you live as to which ones are local to you. Most are now commissioned out by local authorities, except the actual social care teams (social workers) leading on child protection in each area.

If you want to make a difference to a particular service you could donate or raise money or you could also volunteer your time.

Many large charities such as the ones listed by pp's and others, Barnardo's for example, have people who recruit fund raising volunteers to support raising funds in their local area, as well as recruiting volunteers to work within their children's services.

LaBette001 Fri 12-Jun-15 21:46:52

Thankyou Nozzer.
In your view is time spent volunteering or cash donated most useful?

MumSnotBU Fri 12-Jun-15 21:55:31

The most direct action is adoption or fostering- both of which are a huge commitment obviously.

nozzernoodles Fri 12-Jun-15 21:56:56

I think it very much depends on how directly you would like your contribution to affect the children locally to be honest.

Volunteering time will very directly help the children that you are spending time with a make a huge difference to a small number of children. Donating money is equally important to ensure that these services are kept going (especially as funding nationally continues to be cut), however there is no guarantee that your money will be used to directly support children locally to you, it will go into the larger pot.

Donating money to a smaller local charity will of course more directly impact on those children closer to you.

In response to your OP (which I realise I didn't completely answer earlier) I do not know of a way to donate money to the local CP team, as this is usually funded via the Local Authority and would not rely heavily on voluntary funding (if at all).

LaBette001 Fri 12-Jun-15 22:04:17


And to Mum - yes have thought of fostering but no spare bedroom.

Many thanks for all replies xxx

bloodyteenagers Fri 12-Jun-15 22:08:14

Contact your local child protection team.
Although they don't rely on it ours accepts donations of goods that can go into foster homes, contact centres run by ss, to families that need support, children centres, children's home, respite, woman's aid etc.
This will of course vary by area. I have recently donated some books and toys to the cp for the interview suites.

It's not always about donating cash,
even donating your time in your local community that can make a difference.

LaBette001 Fri 12-Jun-15 22:12:05

Ah brilliant - if they accept I could collect locally on their behalf.

Thankyou - I know I sound nuts but I just keep thinking about these kids and wondering what I could actually do today that would make their lives better. I didn't even think of contacting local CP

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