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Can I wash my lambswool blanket?

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LaTrucha Wed 09-Dec-09 14:22:42

I've got a lambswool blanket/throw which as far as I can work out is all lambswool. The care label says dry clean only, but surely it would be ok with a cold handwash?

It has a dark blue and green tartan pattern. MAybe it would run?

What do you think, oh ladies of good housekeeping?

AliBellandthe40jingles Wed 09-Dec-09 14:31:16

Hmmm. Well I would do a cool handwash, but not cold as that can cause the weave to tighten IME.
I've got a lambswool cot blanket which is handwash or dry clean so I can't see why yours wouldn't be the same?

GrimmaTheNome Wed 09-Dec-09 14:31:59

I don't know, but I've frequently machine washed my black cashmere woolly using the wool program, low spin and non-bio detergent, then air dry.

If it was mine I'd go for it.

LaTrucha Wed 09-Dec-09 14:44:18

I think so too. Thanks for your replies.

Good tip about not doing it cold, Ali. Thanks.

Grimma - I did wonder if I would get away with that too!

PrettyCandles Wed 09-Dec-09 14:46:25

If you handwash, do it very very gently, in pleasantly warm water - not hot. Do it in a bathtub so that there's plenty of space. Don't rub, just swish. If you need to get dirt out, squeeze it through. Use detergent that is specially for wool and silk - this really makes a differenc to the softness, so is worth the expense (besides it doesn't 'go off', so you just keep for next use). Drain the tub with the blanket in it, and squeeze out the water - don't wring. Rinse 3 times in the same way, finishing with a cool rinse, and then lay it out on a thikc towel. Role up, squeeze gently to remove excess water. Lay it out on a dry towel and leave to air dry flat.

This sounds like a lot of faff, but if you don't have a good wool wash cycle on your machine, or you have something particularly delicate, it is worth the effort. Good quality pure wool is amazing - it doesn't get dirty as quickly as cotton, for some reason, often all it needs is to be aired if it smells, rather than washed.

LaTrucha Wed 09-Dec-09 14:51:32

Thanks for that PrettyCandles. Sounds like sound advice.

We have had it for ages without needing to wash it, but DD spilt milk on it so I think it really does need it now.

tonykeywest Thu 07-Jul-16 04:09:50

Whew, thanks everyone for the information I was going to just throw my expensive lambs wool throw into the washer.

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