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Sorry for being boring - washing powder advice needed !!

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Anya4 Wed 11-Nov-09 16:43:20

Just want to know what brand of washing powder/liquid people have used -
want a brand that I can rely on to make the clothes smell nice (ie get rid of the wee smell!) and get food stains out...

Any advice...???!

Seededbiatch Wed 11-Nov-09 16:48:50

I just bought(yesterday) a big bottle of fairy non bio concentrate, it's on special offer in Sainsburys at the moment-£4 down from £6.99 and it smells lovely. Don't know if it's any better than nay other for stain removal though.

I washed some of the sofa covers, they are drying upstairs, and the smell in permeating the house...mmmmm.

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