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Monday Fly. Monday, Monday so Good to me

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Starbear Mon 02-Nov-09 09:22:54

Back in a Mo

Starbear Mon 02-Nov-09 09:28:34

Morning all I haven't read all the posts in the past week but I know radom acts of kindness would be welcomed by all
Best wishes TM*
Hope today is better.
Okay the day has to start.
Ds to school
DW empty
Shower curtain down ready to wash
To do
Make beds
C/over clean food bins
Load W/M
Wrap brought presents
Clothes folded & put away.
Reload D/W
Hang out washing
Reload W/M
2.00pm School tips re the 3 r’s
Make Pumpkin Soup.
Fish for ds & me Fish cakes for DH & tomorrow
Sew ds’s hat scarf & gloves
Look at Christmas control thingy
Look at reminders from fly.

Starbear Mon 02-Nov-09 09:35:03

& for those who like to put this on their wish list Xmas Mission
Have a good

TeaMonster Mon 02-Nov-09 10:39:44

Morning Starbear

I will be going in after droping miniMad at preschool.

I was up at 3 in the bath as my tummy is off, nerves I think!!!

So I am all done and cleaned, DH even hoovered the stairs for me.

House is clean, home blauring is done

Now just to pack things to take with me until I get done!!!

TeaMonster Mon 02-Nov-09 10:50:46

Oh and I have a Mission for you all

I want to do a weekly childrens craft activity on the blog, but need a button and a catchy name for it. Help...........

To give an example this week would be to do with fireworks coloured crayon covered with black and scratched off by the children with a pencil or paper rockets.

Just something that I do each week for everyone in blogland to have a go at to.

ShannaraTiger Mon 02-Nov-09 10:51:22

Morning all
Starbear thanks for the thread.

Well even dp noticed that the flat was cleaner and I was happier and calmer when I was following Flylady properly! shock He very carefully hinted that I might want to get back on it again properly so here we go again back to de-cluttering and babysteps! grin I think him and the dc's will even be helping more this time round - the routines are getting blu-tacked to the cupboards and ticked off with washable marker pens to re-inforce what I actualy do each day and they can tick something off when they do it!!

Anyway, I'm afraid I haven't had a chance to catch up on the earlier threads yet, maybe later. Have a massive pile of washing and birthday toys to find homes for now, don't know where!!

Hope everyone had a good half term and are now enjoying the chance to undo the resulting carnage.

Ludaloo Mon 02-Nov-09 10:54:16

Morning TeaMonster and Starbear smile

Thanks for the thread and the xmas organisation Starbear! smile

Mad...I've missed something...are u ok? [very sorry for being a slacker emoticon] sad

At home home days are very few and far between these days! I have a whole house full of washing to catch up on and every pet we own needs some serious cleaning/feeding/general attention!

See u all in a bit x

Ludaloo Mon 02-Nov-09 10:58:47

Oh...xposts...hi ShannaraTiger too (gosh that's a mouthful to write!..well handful actually!...YKWIM!)

I remember years ago when I first started FLYing, it felt like I'd finally got my life sorted...well housework wise does feel really good to be in control..calm and happy and it rubs off on everyone else too.

I need to return to that happy very soon I will be doing babysteps again sink is soooooooo not shiny!

Starbear Mon 02-Nov-09 11:44:23

Break time Tea & Mum's crumble from last sunday I'm hoping that there is enough sugar in it that it's preserved! hmm
Shannara I would suggest training your DP but I haven't trained mine! But he has an excuse he's an old gladiator with old wounds (4 hip ops)
Ludaloo There are times when you need to fall off the wagon as it can get a bit much blush
I don't shine my sink when ever I do I think insnatly make it dirty by cooking. It my thing is 'beds made I feel the house is in order then!

FlappyGrouchybatOscar Mon 02-Nov-09 12:05:13

How do you lovely lot. Me again smile

I'm trying to keep on to of things but the washing/drying is getting out of hand since the rain started hmm. There is a basket of wet washing that is constantly waiting to be hung out. Plus dryer balls make a hell of noise.


Made the bed
Brought down the laundry
Load WM and run
Reboot the dishwasher
put away crockery
Clean the hob
Fish large pan lid from behind the oven (excellent use of old kite string and an IJEA meat hook)
Get Batboy to school
Take basket of wet laundry up to attic
Take down stuff for TD and replace withn wet stuff
Load TD and run
Do a lightspeed survey


Vac front room
Make lunchboxes
Collect Batboy
Coax homeweork out of him
whatevere needs doing

See you later TTFN

wendyhappysmile Mon 02-Nov-09 12:09:37

Hi Shannara nice to see you back with us permanently?
Star thanks for thread
Luda Nice to see you - enjoy the washing LOL. Mad is in for an op today.
Well, busy day today in the house:

Made curried potato and pea pie - in freezer for party on Sat
40 mini cheese and chive tarts - cooling for freezer
flapjack made with DD
sticking with DD
3 loads of washing done - 2 outside
Tonight's tea cooked to be reheated

To do
Tidy up downstairs then house bless downstairs
more food for freezer?
make a schedule list for DS's children's party Saturday
finish party bags
collect DS - do sticking
Take DS for hair cut?
Clean windows downstairs - perhaps

And breathe

wendyhappysmile Mon 02-Nov-09 12:10:33

hi grouchy x posts

EHM Mon 02-Nov-09 12:27:51

Sending Best Wishes to TMH will be back later.

Makingchanges Mon 02-Nov-09 13:35:25

Hi All

Have no idea whats been happening for the last fortnight whilst I have been away but hoping you are all well. Tea - Saw that you were heading into hospital again from your blog - Good luck (I think you've already gone though)

Just popping on to bookmark for later when I may have time to catch up a little, for the meantime i'm flitting between the washing maching, the suitcases and school so a little manic around here today

Hope everyone well

Catch up later

FlappyGrouchybatOscar Mon 02-Nov-09 14:36:48

Anyone got a link to Tea's blog?

scattyspice Mon 02-Nov-09 14:55:50

Hi all smile.

Welcome back MC and Shanna smile.

Managed to get everyone into school ok with correct stuff (I hope). Busy day at work catching up after last week.

To do:
change beds
tel hairdressers


FlappyGrouchybatOscar Mon 02-Nov-09 14:55:53

S'OK, I've found and added it to my favourites. Thanks all

Ludaloo Mon 02-Nov-09 16:55:12


starbear....hmmm I have definately fallen off the wagon, Its soooo difficult being a domestic goddess and a part time workaholic! I take my hat off to you all smile

wendy thanks for the update...oh poor old Mad...much love winging its way to her [hugs]
Hope everything goes well xx

Hi GO [waves]

Hello EHM smile

Hi to Makingchanges (not sure if I know you?) I'm a FLYer from the stoneages..fell off the Fly wagon but attempting to climb back on board!
Are you off on your hols? day has been most of the house back under control.
DD2 came out of school in tears...she's poorly, has a temp and apparently has been crying for me for most of the afternoon sad Why on earth they don't phone me to come and get her I'll never know...they know I was at home today...anyway she's snuggled up on the sofa now smile

Jacket spuds for supper...yum!

Starbear Mon 02-Nov-09 17:41:28

Hi all Must get on with thing no way have I got very much done. But hey! better than nothing
Makingchanges Did you enjoy your hols? Did you go to Spain? Where?
Right have to do this OCD thing
DW empty done
Shower curtain down ready to washdone
Make bedsdone
clean food bins done
Load W/M done
Clothes folded & put away.some/some are getting creased in the dryer blush
2.00pm School tips re the 3 r’sdone
Reload D/W done
Fab Mum got the dates wrong and came over today with Ds's tea so he can have fish tomorrow. (sorry I bet she ignores the fish and the fish will go off!!!!sad
Wrap brought presents
Hang out washing
Reload W/M
Do control thingy!
Tad cheeses off that my Mum doesn't listen to me! Still she is fab!

TeaMonster Mon 02-Nov-09 18:11:27

Waving madly

I am home, sore, but home. The doc assisting the consutant was amazed that I was having so much done under a local, but I am so glad I did it that way.

I am in bed, resting and am going to allow people to wait on me for a change.

I have had old fashioned stitches again, so will be going back in 2 weeks time to have them out.

RubysReturn Mon 02-Nov-09 18:41:10

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

wendyhappysmile Mon 02-Nov-09 19:56:20

Well done Mad! So relieved all is well smile
Still home blessing LOL


Tidy up downstairs then house bless downstairs nearly
more food for freezer?
make a schedule list for DS's children's party Saturday onthecase
finish party bags later
collect DS - do sticking done
Take DS for hair cut? done
yoga *was fully booked* [sad}
Clean windows downstairs - perhaps tomorrow

Will see you all tomorrow

Wolfcub Mon 02-Nov-09 20:14:44

mad I am so glad you are home and doing okay. You have been in my thoughts all day.

DW still buggered. Back also buggered have had to cancel important (and enjoyable) work trip and dinner with my maid of honour so am mighty peed off.

DP is just settling DS and he has done all the washing up. Yay

I have a chicken and stuffing roasting in the oven and I have had a large gin. [squiffy emoticon]

grouchy how was the seaside

thank you all for being so kind lately. I do at times feel like calling in the cavalry but I am sure I will survive with lovely friends like you [soppy git emoticon]

galen Mon 02-Nov-09 21:44:52

tm have been thinking of you all day too. Glad all went well. Hope you get waited in in style....will be thinking of you lots XX

Had a pants day. Wont go into detail... internet playing (our new oneof less than 1 week!) broke down, lots oftrailing across town with DC to collect DH car ....

And DD4 has nits....aaarrrggghhh She has the thickest mass of long curls ever...nightmare... and I have 4 thick curly haired girls LOL Lots of nit combing here this evening!

Am having some major internet trouble since mymobile dongle broke too... gosh I really rely on the internet a lot for all sorts of things...

will BB once internet trouble sorted ..... (or if I can keep this dodgy dongle working well enough LOL

Will be t5hinking of you TM*

will post book tomorrow - so sorry for delay...couldnt get address off PC due to darned internet probs!

Makingchanges Mon 02-Nov-09 22:34:22

Hi Ludaloo

Nope I don't think I know you either been around here for a few months but been on my hols for the last two weeks.

Starbear - Majorca, first time out of the country cos I'm scared of flying so DH just booked it so I couldn't say no (well I could have but he knows I wouldn't waste money) - It was great, lovely sunny and the most relaxing holiday I have ever had but came back to rain so kinda landed with a bump.

Glad to hear all went well Mad.

Well I'm off to bed cos I'm hoping to get up early and start sorting the house out - it really looks like a bomb has gone off after the madness of our two back to back hols and DD coming back to the excitment of having toys again.

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