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Thursday Fly

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scattyspice Thu 29-Oct-09 09:09:26

Morning smile.

scattyspice Thu 29-Oct-09 09:14:27


Lovely and sunny again smile.

Both DC up in the night (ds up twice) so droopy eyelids here sad. DC have friends coming today.

friends to play


RubysReturn Thu 29-Oct-09 09:37:16

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

galen Thu 29-Oct-09 09:42:13

morning scatty good luck with little play friends

Early start here too... have been to Sainsbury's for the half price toy some good deals, but gosh it was packed down the toy section... people with trolleys overflowing with toys... everyone loves a bargain LOL

Now off for more coffee...then all off out to Clumber Park for a pic-nic (in car possibly LOL) and some fresh air... looking a bit grey but keeping fingers crossed that rain holds off!!

BBL grin

galen Thu 29-Oct-09 09:44:31

ruby morning. Oh what rubbish news....could you manage to negotiate time off work so as not to loos eout on holiday... or what that be too awkward/not done / tricky with new job....
Hope you manage to get it sorted. That is so dissappointing...

scattyspice Thu 29-Oct-09 12:21:53

Oh no Ruby shock! Hope you can sort it.

Did you get any toys Galen? I enjoyed your blog yesterday (what lovely pictures smile).

Chaos here! I have carved 3 pumpkins with 5 children! Now they are having fish fingers.

EHM Thu 29-Oct-09 13:30:40

quick hellosmile finally have broadband connected today-we moved in to our rental house on 12th. Will try & get back during the next few days to catch up. Hope you are all well & your lo's?

simply thanks for email.x

galen Thu 29-Oct-09 19:55:18

Gosh quiet in here today ... obvioulsy all out enjoying RL!

scatty yes I got a few toys. Was gutted to discover the sale had been on-line as well though and they had the huge sylvanian family hotel that DDs love at £37 instead of £75...but of course out of stack by the time I looked...sigh... oh well LOL

EHM glad you are back on-line. Hope move went ok and you are settling into your new home ok

had a lovely day out at Clumber Park today. Gorgeous weather, lots of fun and happy children grin

All exhausted now though... will have early night I think ...

BBtomorrow grin

wendyhappysmile Thu 29-Oct-09 20:36:04

Quiet in here today!
Ruby hope it is sorted?
Just been stuck in traffic - took us 3.5 hrs to do a 1.5 hr journey!
But a lovely day at Chester Zoo.
DC off for the day tomorrow with MIL and FIL - hurrah! Have stacks and stacks to get done, though.

TeaMonster Thu 29-Oct-09 21:38:24

Hi ladies

Sorry not been about, have been taking advantge of the great weather with the boys DS2 went in the sea

Wolfcub Fri 30-Oct-09 06:42:20


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