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Finally managed to scrub clean the oven...

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Babieseverywhere Sun 25-Oct-09 21:42:51

....and I'm not telling you the last time it was done blush

Can I leave one of those plastic sheets (the same material the toastie pocket things for the toaster) in the bottom to catch spills ? Or is it likely to burn if I do ?

nightmareteamgirl Sun 25-Oct-09 23:14:21

Sounds like it would burn to me- do you have an old baking tray- flat one- that you could put there. Worst case you then throw it awy in 6 months

mammyknowsbest Sun 25-Oct-09 23:22:05

What did you use??? I've tried all sorts but I can never ever get it really clean.

I hate cleaning the oven so much that when ours needed replacing I nearly spent £900 on one that cleaned itself.

Realised we were very skint and couldn't justify paying that amount of money just because I'm a lazy arse grin

sb6699 Sun 25-Oct-09 23:28:27

You can buy the oven liners from Bettaware I think.

Babieseverywhere Mon 26-Oct-09 08:08:24

nightmareteamgirl, No old trays I threw them all out. Down to two new trays.

mammyknowsbest, I used CIF oven cleaner. Applied to oven, leave to soak for an hour, scrub well and rinse clean. Repeat until oven is clean. No shortcuts just a horrible dirty job but the oven looks good

sb6699, Thanks I'll go and have a look at Bettaware

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