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How do I get baby oil off of a carpet?

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purpleflower Sat 26-Sep-09 10:21:43

DS woke up before me this morning and instead of waking me up he went in the bathroom and got a whole bottle of baby oil, took it to his bedroom and poured the lot on his bedroom floor.

I haven't tried anything yet, I just stuck a towel on top.

What is best to use? It is a puddle rather than spread around.


purpleflower Sat 26-Sep-09 11:00:35


GentleOtter Sat 26-Sep-09 11:06:08

try some of these?

Bucharest Sat 26-Sep-09 11:08:48

I'd try washing up liquid first- it gets grease off plates, after all....

purpleflower Sat 26-Sep-09 11:13:02

Thank you so much. I just put some cat litter on it to see if it soaks a bit of it up then I will try the washing up liquid

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