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favourite mouse trap bait?

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1dilemma Wed 23-Sep-09 00:05:47

same thread in chat until I remembered this one sorry

Anyone care to tell me what works best or even which trap is best for them?

they are back and cockily strolling around the kitchen (and living room) despite 4 traps
they really annoy me and I have to wear shoes and am avoiding the kitchen!

GrimmaTheNome Wed 23-Sep-09 00:08:01

When we once had mice, the person who sold DH the traps recommended bits of Mars bar.

gigglewitch Wed 23-Sep-09 00:08:44

chocolate. defo.

1dilemma Wed 23-Sep-09 00:10:33

thanks chocolate seems to be a favourite!!

will get some tomorrow

gigglewitch Wed 23-Sep-09 00:12:05

what??? like, you haven't got any shock

In that case go for the asda cheapy stuff, good enuf for mice grin

1dilemma Wed 23-Sep-09 00:21:51

just remembered some aero in the breadbin

but like you say I'm not wasting that on micegrin

ZacharyQuack Wed 23-Sep-09 00:45:28

Peanut Butter.

fortyplus Wed 23-Sep-09 01:19:09

Get a cat! grin

ben5 Wed 23-Sep-09 03:02:10

chocolate. works every time!!

Fizzylemonade Fri 25-Sep-09 13:21:10

Peanut butter.

Would never share chocolate, am shock it has even been suggested.

I have been known to hide in the utility room when rumbled by children whilst I am having sneaky chocolate fix in the kitchen grin

fairybubbles Sat 26-Sep-09 08:06:15

mars bars, they get their teeth stuck in the toffee and can't escape, yukkkkkk

Indith Sat 26-Sep-09 08:14:39

Chocolate spread, it can't be grabbed and run off with.

SparkyToo Sun 27-Sep-09 20:23:14

chocolate or peanut butter - forget cheese!!

LovelyDear Mon 28-Sep-09 02:07:27


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