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No hoover! no crisis?

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restlessmog Sun 13-Sep-09 14:26:22

Our dyson hoover packed up last Friday. I like to do all of the hoovering on Friday as it is my one day of the week off work and gives hubby, baby and myself a weekend a bit more free of the domestic chores. So I couldn't really do the hoovering this week, although I tried to use a £15 vac we once bought from Sainsburys, the less said about the suction (or lack of it!) the better. So the carpets are looking bitty. This is such a trivial thing and we have ordered a new hoover which will be here next week so it is not long now. But I am now thinking I have a bit of a problem if I cannot chill out about the carpets not seeing the vac for one week!!!. How houseproud are you on the scale of one to ten. I don't think I am houseproud exactly but it definitely helps me feel in control however much of an illusion that is!

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